Walking Zombie…

That’s what i am for the past 2 days. CAN. DIE.

Previous day, watch all the 3 matches as it was shown on normal Tv. *start to curse france non-stop* waste of time, breath, energy and sleep!! No effort at all…So obvious it’s all set up. ARGHH~!

So i spent the day preparing my presentation for today during the afternoon and sleep at 5am, woke up 7am to get ready for college. Brain is like freezed. Totally zombified. AND to make things worse, i have the first presentation of the semester! Actually no biggie, as it’s for Moral. Yes..we actually had to learn moral in BM(so rusty after not using it for 3 yrs) which teaches us that

” Jika orang itu homoseksual dengan tujuan, dia adalah orang yang bermoral” or having pre-marital sexs is bermoral dengan matlamat. Even stealing with a reason is considered bermoral -_-|||

i look so panda… O_O

Today, we are “required” to wear our course t-shirt to college. Turns out that alot had conveniently forgot to wear instead. like me. *evil laugh trailing off*

A photo showing those that obediently wore the shirt, with one of the lecture who teach the toughest subject ever.
On the other hand….


How come all world match also so KANASAI WAN~!!!!!! (watching the tunisia now) Tunisia Tunisia, Tiu leh laaaaaaaaa…..

All also made match…Watch d also meaningless…players pocket already so packed with moleh, how to run and fight? Sure laid back la…..*head shaking till wanna putus*


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