Week 6 already ?

I’m already halfway through my summer course here in UK without much realization. Well, i do realize it. Just look at the stack of assignments waving at me to befriend them which leads me back to the usual sleeping time at 2-3am T_____T

Bak kata pepatah “Lazy people like eve always blog, trying to avoid assignments”

Hmm, i still haven’t blog bout Manchester. Not very keen to blog bout it as i look awful in every photo. Really awful, that i vow to take better photo next round. Luckily i will have my chance to rectify the mistake very soon as i’ll be watching the match between MU vs Inter. Dying of jeolousy already boys? Hahahahahahhha

Since i cooked the western style curry dish, it seems like the rest of the chefts in my flats followed wise. I’ve had potato with pork/chicken with vegetable for 3 days in a row already. Tomorrow i shall cook Ku Lou Yok! Let’s hope that I don have to eat sweet and sour stuff for another 3 days..bladi ble bla..

It’s blardy flooding everywhere in UK but no worries to the ppl back home. It’s not flooding where i am because i stay in such a hilly place. It’s like hiking #3 in Youth Park everyday. Thanks for the concern over msn ya! I’m getting good calves muscle now! Kick ppl can die i think..

Today is such a lovely day in Sheffield. I’m loving the sun. I guessed the depressing weather we suffered for the past week had made me more “guai lou-ish” I’m soaking it all up today by walking around with SeowYee after class. Shoe shopping! I bet BrotherPoh will go mad in this store. All his favourite brand here. So will JasonYong with so many limited edition shoes. Such funky design. I dare u wear the black and white zig zag one! Mind you, not cheap like those stuff in sg.wang.

I like the rainbow pattern heel. 30pd though..hmm..no money.

I bought these instead. Not bad right (pls agree with me). I need one good flat since the green polkadot one that DivaLisa kept saying it’s fugly finally deceased. Quite sad, it served me well during it’s lifetime ..hmm..

Peace Garden, the fountain up and running again – at it’s full glory.. So crowded .. Yan San Yan Hou – with happy people, having lunches on grass, reading HARRY POTTER on grasses

Free water park for kids… there’s this kid couple who was rolling around on the floor =.=”

Me and SeowYee..trying to pull a Fisheye

On the way home, i bought these stamps for CousinTing. Can you see what stamps they are? 🙂

Meant to be a short entry, turn out to be so winding long -__- Anyway, have a lovely day and i shall leave you with my current window view.

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2 Responses to Week 6 already ?

  1. j a s o n y o n g says:

    omg i love ur flats
    so cute..ah hiukkkkkk(goofy style laughter)
    wat shop is dat

  2. Miaka says:

    oh my… harry potter stamps!!! i love the house emblems XD XD XD *fangirling

    and I think the mary jane pumps looks pretty too ^^

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