Weekend in KL

3 weekends ago, I was in KL. Each time I am in KL I will be spoilt and stuffed to the brim thanks to my generous sister.

A drive down to KL in the afternoon will not be complete without a stop at Ipoh

#1 – Missing Marbles. This is the a somewhat new establishment from the same roof as Burps & Giggles and Indulgence specialize in Lamb Ramen. Located just next to Burps & Giggles, they don’t serve much drinks, instead, we can order from next door.




I find it so-so and it’s quite expensive, for that 2 slice of lamb and ramen. I shall stick to B&G next time.

#2 Roadtrip with dad


#3 Dinner was at Celadon Royal Thai Restaurant in Pavilion with the fam.  As usual, my sister over ordered for the 5 of us but as usual, we managed to polished everything off -__-  There was actually more dishes than photographed as there’s not enough space on the table for everything to be served at once. It was a really nicely decorated place and really nice dinner. However, it’s quite on the pricey side, it’s like a place where you bring your business partner or when you want to impress someone I assume. 




#4 Lunch with my bestfriend who I don’t get to see often 🙁  We went to Kanna Curry House @ ss17 for their banana leaf but somehow we weren’t impressed with it that day.. Extremely slow service zzz so we filled up our time with selfies and gossips. 🙂


#5 Time flies, this little boy is almost as tall as the penguin toy!


#6 Dinner with the fam in Publika again. There is not a trip to KL without a visit to Publika really. This time, we tried Tonkatsu by Ma Maison. We had more than this, again but it was repetitive order so these photos will do 🙂 It was really nice! We all enjoyed it alot! I love the salad sauce and the salty sauce. The pork cutlets was fried perfectly, juicy and tender. But I still think Pavilion Tonkatsu is the best by far in Malaysia. This came quite close.


#7  Dinner with just my sister at Mr.Dak Galbi @ Solaris. For RM50+ we get chicken, cheese, rice and ramen. And the staff actually grill or stir-fry it for us. We both felt its quite yummy and worth it so I recommended to Speng when she wanted to try some dakgalbi

Unfortunately, she did not enjoyed it at all and still prefer Uncle Jang. Maybe not spicy enough for her ahhahaa



#8 After dinner, we pop by Caffe Bene which is just a few shops away. The crowd was madness!! And it’s like impossible to get a table, but we managed. When we left, we were shocked at the queue which had tripled. Yea, it’s nice and all but is it really that nice till worth the craze? Probably not -_-


#9 Finally got to try The Good Batch with cousinting. We were lucky we got there like 5 mins earlier before there was a huge crowd outside. BigKen insisted to order fries for breakfast. Well, anything goes ahhaha


#10 We then proceed to visit Lyra’s pups. So so cute!! Here’s Cadmus and Juno.


Chubby puppies and waggy tails. SO CUTE ..! One of the best way to spend saturday mornings.


Puppies mash on SuAnn’s lap. Juno so camera sensitive


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