White Angel

Remember me raving about my first lomo camera – White Angel UWS ?

I finally finished my firest roll and got them developed! The cost to develop the films are cheaper in KL compared to Penang apparently. Conveniently i found a shop that scan the photos into CD for RM12 only in SS2..hohoho

The result is ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

Love it!!!  Pushing me more to the edge of rushing off to get my diana now!

Okay, pichas time!

#1 Kuan Yin Temple

#2 Taman Sentosa dessert time !!

#3 Taman Sentosa sky @ 4pm -__-

#4 Sunway Lagoon!!

#5 me and cousin Ting at Botanical Garden

#6 Teong and Mr.SmallFace @ Ken 3

#7 My favourite shot from the entire roll~ Kites @ Esplanade.. 😀

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  1. Jayce says:

    Hi there,
    may i know what’s the shop name at ss2 that you developed your films yea?
    many thanks if you could reply me via email,thanks in advanced>.<
    btw,nice pics yea^^

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