Why "SexyBack" is the best workout song.

Due to demand from the most unsuspecting person; ang, i shall put a hold on my new year days blog and update something fast first. Also not to disappoint his belief in me, i will blog something about my current obsession. Losing weight.

Part of my routine is try to run as much as i can when i can. Best companion is mp3. Best song i think is Sexyback by justin. Why?

1. You can run to the beat of the song.

2. Justin Timberlake is encouraging you to GO!GO! all the way

3. Lyrics damn motivating:-
Get your sexy out – run run to lose the fat and be sexy
You’re burning it up for me – burn those calories for justin.
Wiggle those hips – also ask u to move! Run! GO!

4. The songs remind you of the songs played in the club. Very hype.

5. The image of victoria secret’s angel dancing in front of you and makes you want to be like them. Best Thinspiration.

6. The song is not upbeat all the way therefore letting you to slow down and catch your breath before justin ask you to Go go go again.

7 more days to go!! 1000calorie or less per day is the target.

I hope this post will help people struggling like me, pei and helen to keep on going.

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  1. angchoonseong says:

    battle of the fatties…

    helen vs pei vs eve…

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