Wong Ah Wah @ Jalan Alor

I have been here a couple of times when I was still in studying in Setapak area. Ever since I worked in KL, Jalan Alor just doesn’t seem to be a place I will hang out just due to the fact its just so touristy and exorbitant prices.

However, last Saturday after watching Leessang showcase in Kenanga, we just figured that usually foreign artist will usually drop by famous touristy place for supper so we figured Jalan Alor would be ideal.. Hence we stalk Gary all the way here…hehe.. And since we were hungry, might as well have them as well.

20140114-121207 am.jpg

Undoubtedly, the chicken wings was amazing!! But it’s just too expensive. Just the 3 of us, chicken wings, a small plate of fried rice, satay and a piece of fish for RM85 -_____-

like seriously? I probably wont visit them again until I forget about this incident.

20140114-121223 am.jpg

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