Wrapping 2009 in a box..

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So 2009 is about to end in a few days TODAY! and it’s a whole new year again. How could time passes so fast?!

Before that, Merry Christmas and A Happy blessed new year to you… I had my Christmas eve’s dinner at a pasar Malam with Desmond-T and Speng followed by Gossip Girls at home. How did you spend yours?

**Okay, I really don’t have the time to blog these day but lady luck smiled on apple4today for bringing down my office system, so basically I have nothing much to do now! Wohoo! **

A quick check on last year new year resolutions, I’m happy to say I kinda manage to achieve it all! hahahaha..

My first quarter of the year, I traveled to Adventourous Krabi and that already tick off the first new year resolutions! ha!

It would be nice to go back in the future minus all the kayaking. Probably more lazing around the town area and more speed boat rides!!

Come march, I met my curbside prophet once again 😀 😀 I was so so happy that I manage to attend the concert despite the pathetic venue and horrible air ventilation.

Set off on a road trip to Genting and  Bukit Tinggi for the first time and realize it’s REALLY nothing there wan.. It was a memorable trip as nothing was prepared except booking a room in genting at the very last minute. I love spontaneous trips!

Speeding the post up from here…. -__-

This year alone, I welcome my  white angel, diana qing hua and also the expensive but super powerful  Lx3 into my every growing camera family 😀 And with that I vow not to get anymore digital camera for at least 3 years unless some really bad misfortune befall unto my lx3. Also put a stop temporarily to my analogue cameras.. This will be resolution #1.

In June, I blogged about how i shed all the weights I gained in UK due to popular demand wtf.. Am proud and happy to say I’ve not gain back all the weight *yet* although i’ve received remarks from friends that I’m too skinny for my own good. The phrase “skinny”, “thin”, “bony” nor “slim” was never associated with me before so I don’t really mind being called any of it … HAHAHAHHAAH ..

Attended the most wedding dinner in a year for my entire life!! I guess I’m already at the stage/age where people around me are settling down.

First it’s Chrnsz

Then my best friend’s wedding, Autumn dear... which was a blast!! We had so much fun. I guess anyone will when their close friend throw such a grand party..  :p

Followed by my ex-team leader in previous company..

And the latest and craziest of the bunch was from just 2 weeks ago. Haven’t got the photos yet but no doubt the one where everyone had most fun. Important contributing factor was all the groomsmen and bridesmaids was sooo sporting. Not to mention the bride…

In the midst all that, I manage to switch job, got myself relocated back in KL after almost 2 years.

Stayed in Bangkok for 2 whole weeks in a studio suite all to myself which was totally awesome!!

Came back from Bangkok, started my new life/job in KL. Unknowing to many, went Jakarta for 5 days to have some great food. Visited some semi-dead volcano..

Celebrated my birthday just the way I’ve imagines.

Whiz pass it all, here I am, the last day of 2009. Just a few more hours until I get to go off work and laze at home. Hmm, according to the above, I guess I did had a very good year.

I hope that next year would be even better since I will be a quarter of a century old by then wtf.

Surely I’ve missed out jotting down something.. but what the heck, it will be a entirely new year, a clean sheet to start off in merely a few hours.

Till I blog again next year… HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!

The boxes of my memories in yesteryear’s.. 😀


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  1. Yatz says:

    interesting blog indeed..and LX3 is a very nice camera!
    happy new year to you 🙂

  2. Kenny Ng says:

    Hey, Happy new year to you too… long time no see, how r u?

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