Year of the Rat

Updating as requested by angchoonseong. I know you boring extreme liau, or else wont ask me to update wan.

In 2 days time, it will be the year of the rat. Somehow, i don’t find myself looking forward to it as much as everybody else. It must also have something to do with the attitude my family has all these years. I’ve been working for on 2nd & 3rd day for a few times already and i don’t mind if i have work this year, in fact, i would be quite happy. hahaha can get more money that day compared to ang pows..


i continue my post from yesterday. hahah.

So i joined a gym already and attended an Abs Express class the other day together with my siblings and cousin. Halfway through the class i already feel like crying because it’s just so tough! and it’s like entering torture camp and the worst bit is that all the uncle and auntie that join with me can do much better than me!! But at least got people kept urging me to keep going. I hope all the effort will pay off -___-

Finally yesterday i get to go mamak and taste beer already. Back to normal abit. kekeke.. So happy. Yes yes, must make a statement that johor uni student from penang also very gentlemen…

Anyway, all crapping aside, Happy Chinese New Year from which basically means me. HAHAHA Ong Lai Ong Lai for those playing cards this year.

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6 Responses to Year of the Rat

  1. ihsan_huhu says:

    exercise then go mamak… no change la

    can eat 2 strings of jelly bean onli a day

  2. h3l3n says:

    i know wad u mean!!! i went to aerobics n body shaping classes b4 n the working ppl who seem flabbier all can jump bttr n more stamina.. maluuuuuuuuuu

  3. angchoonseong says:

    no way to diet with mamak around…

  4. ihsan_huhu says:

    ACS racist!!

  5. Eve says:

    ihsan: why eat jelly bean -__-

    helen: sad isn’t it. u feel my pain

    acs: i go there sit eat

  6. angchoonseong says:

    just sit there and not eating.

    NOW who is racist? just becoz its mamak u dunwan to eat their food?


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