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The first trip i went with the uni union was to York. At first, i didn’t want to go because i feel it would be boring.

O-M-G i do not know how to decribe how WRONG i could be!!

I LOVE IT so much i wanted to stay there that very instant. Seriously, i was smiling the whole day except for the first hour when it poured cats and dogs =.= and there i was, sloshing away with water in my flats for the entire day.

We got there by coach that took about 80mins from sheffield. We had to walk pass the City Wall. This is Fishergate’s Bar. Nothing much here, just the ruins. Climb up, take photo then come down, continue our journey. And we saw cats as big as dogs, memang garfield. Fat and big!

Clifford Tower is all that remains of the York Castle. I didn’t enter because need money(2.10 with student card). AND it was raining just like after 5 mins we left CityWall. Wtf. From the photo you won’t have the idea how horrible the rain was. I did not bring along an umbrella as well, so i need to share. But if you notice, my bag is all wet and so’s my shoe T__T

Clifford Tower in a much better condition. I took this on the way back to the coach. Nicer right! Damn rain!

And then we proceed to find shelter from the rain. Nearest to us is the Castle Museum, which again i did not enter because need money. Walk halfway, i saw this alley. From that moment, i feel in love with York. Yes, i know i am weird for loving an alley. Btw, it stopped raining already. CRAZY weather here. Seriously.

Funny sign. Let’s all go there and meet our friends 😛
We were on the way to the National Train Museum because it’s free hehee. On the way, we saw many many ducks, lovely bridges and dogs.

The ducks was every where! So was their poo, so we need to be extremely careful not to step on it. It was fun chasing the ducks into the river. Hohoho…

A threaten duck thinking whether to jump or not. You know what happened in the end?? The stupid duck actually slipped and fell BODOH!!!!!!!!

Walk far enough and we finally reached the World Largest Railway Museum!! Nothing to see except trains, trains and more trains. All types of train is there aka Bullet Train, wild wild train, horse carriages and it show us the inside part of the trains and all. But it doesnt really interest me *yawn*

We are under a train. The purpose is to show us what’s underneath the train and we find it more interesting to take photos.

We had our packed lunch on the many many benches around the musuem. It’s labelled which where it used to serve and what year. It’s the train station’s benches actually. This i feel is kinda like their graveyard thou…

Oh, next to the museum is the Eye of York. Similar to the one at Titiwangsa. Price also same but different currency. Obviously i did not went up.

So now i forget where we are going and where am i already. Just some park with more ducks sun-tanning. Again, the grass is full of duck poo and the ducks kept pecking at the grass. Urghh..

FINALLY!! The highlight of the York!! York Minster! It’s one of the greatest cathedrals of the world and is the largest gothic cathedral in the whole of europe. I LOVE IT! But to go in and climb the tower and walk the dungeon would cost me 7.5pd so i decided to compensate by taking load load of photos!!

Me with my beer kaki, JY. He is so thin even drinking more than me, not fair! *To Wy, that coat he’s wearing is also 1pd only kekeke Got fur also.

The moment i got to this area of town, i was so happy and kept saying i love this place because i really do love this place. All the quaint shops with unique signboard hanging! Narrow streets. Redbrick house with chimneys.
This is exatcly how i imagine in my head for so many years how europe would look 🙂

Back to York Minster, the facade itself is enough to take your breathe away.

Inside. From inside, there’s many many amazing stained glasess. But lazy to upload all ady.

One last look at York Minster.

The fairy tale wedding we saw on that day. They had the ceremony inside the smaller chapel and the bell tower kept ringing. And the wind was so strong that day with perfect sun. Ohhh… so lovely! Plus all the ladies was in nice dresses complete with bonnet and guys in suit, some monkey suits

The cutest page boy! Pink vest and tie. Cute can die.

Meet William -Poser dog. Really pose ok, but very manja at the same time:) I miss Jaz T__T I tell you York people loves their dog. They bring them EVERYWHERE. You see people with dogs EVERYWHERE! I saw alsations, boxer, bullmastifs, Cavalier king charles spaniels and retrievers. EVERYWHERE!!

One of the many bridge and canals in York. And people here seems to live a healthier life. We saw people canoeing, cycling and running in those serious spandex/latex wear everywhere too.
Chess Festival that the city council organize. There’s a mini orchestra performing just up the street too. We were supporting the kid in brown coat because he’s Chinese. Lol

Us, having a Wonderful day in York. This is how you get a cheap tour around York. Be like us! We spend nothing there but on some souveniers and coach fees. That’s all. And at the end of the day, the Topshop there was having a charity sale. Most of the things are like 50p = Rm3.50

will you go crazy bout it too?

OH! I so want to go back there.

I <3 York! PS: I’ll be going to Blackpool this weekend. Hope it’s as fun as York *cross fingers*

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5 Responses to York!!!

  1. mrbherng says:

    I thought that wheel was called Yorkshire Wheel or something? It’s a ripped off, just look at the speed that thing is spinning.

    Anyway, suggestion, visit Lake District if you got the chance. Never been there but it’s said to be extremely beautiful.

  2. Eve says:

    Mrbherng: Yes, it sounds something like that but i forgot already 😛

    I heard bout that also, Lake District! I try to enroute there then when i go scotland.

  3. FarahD says:

    That ginormous chess set would surely help one see the big picture.

  4. CY says:

    Lol… the duck fell by itself xD

  5. pp says:

    yaya..many times we wanted 2 go lake district, but tak jadi go..got 1 temple there i think..haha

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