19 Moons ago

*I was in Madrid before!!!!*

Tender Lamb shank, Pumpkin Soup, Fresh Garden Salad with a sprinkle of Strawberry sauce, Belgian Truffle, Tiramisu, Delicious Al Dante creamy Pasta just the way i like it, and my victim # X.

After party:

Literary, at Sunset Bistro for SarahYSK super early birthday.

Performance for the night: Fire Loop~ Wooo~~~

The Girls. I remember who is from 5SC1 okie..hehehe

Wendy, next time when you come back, let me know first yo~ H&M!H&M!H&M!H&M!

Buenos Noches, everyone 🙂

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6 Responses to 19 Moons ago

  1. slumberaja says:

    look yummy. now i’m starving. just dropping by ^^…

    anyone wanna exchange link? slumbeRAJA

  2. d e s says:

    wah lao…so sumptuos! BAGAN!!! ho chiak and ho giak!

    fine dining nowadays? hmm….

    Eve: once in awhile only 🙂

  3. hmmm ….

    nice place wor, Sunset…

    sorry, kena missed it…
    sudah tidur babi waktu itu…

    where’s Sunset by the way ???

    Eve: Sunset is behind Feringghi Garden around Park Royal

  4. wendy says:

    okok..this time i sure tell u 1 or 2 mths in advance..haha..

  5. wanster says:

    wah bagan… macam kesedapan.. and kemahalan

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