2 More Days..

And so tomoro will be my 2nd last day as an Office Lady, well not exactly, as i wear jeans to work daily and short + slippers on weekend work. Very casual company yea? It’s kinda nice working here but too much of repetition for me. I mean it’s alright since I already know i’ll be working here for a short period and compared to my coursemate who went industrial training, i’m handsomely paid* Chik chiiiinng $$$*

I left my KL house unoccupied for 2 months +. Old people say if the places has been left empty for long, it will have uninvited “guest” So do you think my room will have some “guest” by now? I’m scared la. If im going back this week, then i’ll be alone. Roomie wont be back so soon.*biting nails*

Just kidding!

My houseowner just bought a Jack Russell Terrier and i can’t wait to see it! YES! Finally my kl home has got a dog as well! hahahaa So happy! If everything goes well, I’m gonna have a blast this weekend in kl.

For the past few morning, i woke up earlier so that i can call Fly.fm to play the One Step Behind game. So as usual, i’ll waiting for the cue to call in the parking lot while waiting for my sis to come down. And so, my sis got in the car and the cue comes on air. I start dialing and passed my phone to sis.


So unfair ok!! I sacrifies my sleep, i tried so many mornings and when i need to drive the freakin’ car, it got through! So my sis, Pidgeon won the money (dUhhh, it’s so easy they are like practically giving away the $$ nia ok!) It’s RM100 ok. Like so damn easy to win RM100 ok. Oh ya, she got 2 VIP tickets to the AIM thingie too. Whatever that is la…so im going to Hard Rock with p0ohz this friday. I just wanna see sheila majid.

In return, p0ohz got tickets to some Quicksilver surfing contest on saturday and she’s bringing me. YAY!! I’m sure got alot of eye candy*drroool already* So if i really do go, i’ll snap snap loads of photos to post up ya!

Meantime, im really not sure whether i wannt to go back kl this week or not yet…… 6pm d…gtg..chaussss

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3 Responses to 2 More Days..

  1. summerbear says:

    hey babe,nice 2 know tat u r goin 2 have a lot of fun bak in kl…’tumpang gembira’..hehhee…no worry bout ur room bout da ‘uninvited guest’ la…ur hse got ppl…no worry…after my exam,mayb goin down 2 kl(like last time..hopefully la..)just mayb…dun put 2 much hope on it…heehhe…btw…yxejason comin bak on 22nd of june(i’m not wrong)…take care n have fun…

  2. Eve says:

    come la come la..siapa nak datang lagi? why yxejason balik so late wan =(

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