2008 to 2009

It’s time again for me to revisit my life in 2008 and look forward to a better(worse) year ahead.

I wrote it when I was alone in Blyton last year. This year, back to my comfy pink room in Penang. It was a very fulfilling year for me. No doubt on that but nothing would have beaten the memorable and ever wonderful year of 2007 for me.

First quarter of 2008 was easy peasy for me. I was living the life of a spoiled brat, some say rich tai-tais. The year started when i visited Venice with WendyCookie.

That was also my heaviest point in my life. You can see how fucking round my face was. Thank god for winter clothing, at least i am bundle up like dumpling most of the time :p I will always remember the best pizza I ever had by far and wine as cheap as plain water.

Back from Venice, i spend the rest of my time at Edinburgh as a parasite to KokoKrunch and friends. It was a good way the very few precious time I had there since i just sloth around and do nothing but absorb everything around me to prevent a faint memory of the place i am so so fond of.

The beautiful pond with stupid greedy swans.

The dogs that never misbehave. This westie in particular who just sit and wait for its master. Not one bark when i was near, ever so friendly! i love him so much!!

My final dinner before leaving UK.

Then it’s Dubai on the way back. Personally, i don’t think i’ll ever go back to Dubai again unless i am like super duper rich. I don’t like the weather, the food or people there at all. Except maybe for the delicious chocolate cake at RM18 per slice.. hohoh..Yes i was that spoilt.

Twas CNY then…and i continue to sloth my way through time. KL almost every other weekends, Concerts and Shopping. Typical day for me

Late Morning > Gym > Lunch > window shopping > Dinner with friends.

That was my schedule for at least 2 months! Filled with tiny trip to Langkawi. Followed by Bangkok in July. The travelogue i never did finish blogging about! What a failure!!

RCA and Chatuchak. i miss you T_T

July is also the month i officially move the blog of my life here from blogspot. Thank you Prof ShiMingYu, the smartest person on earth… who is also hosting and helping me manage the blog. Four Season Duck Rice on me..hehehe

August~ is when i met the love of my life in Singapore. It’s all about Mraz Mraz Mraz and a little bit of the rest. I can’t wait to see him again in March 2009!

Magical moment i had there. I tell you, he look at our direction from the whole mass of humans there!! OMG! Thinking about it makes me feel so happy already !! lalala πŸ˜€

September was a bad month..I had so much bad luck i want to cry so much. It’s also a month i can’t remember much. Must be all the stupid bad lucks. Oh, the only thing is i finally got my pink Instax mini camera.. πŸ˜€

November, came and went..

First it’s SweetSarah happyclappy Mois trip..ahha and then Hadyai with fellow colleagues.

Smashing time

Not forgetting..it’s also my birthday month! πŸ™‚

The sneaky MrSmallFace gave me the bittersweet birthday. A nice change this year. Instead of me making all the planning, everyone just turn down my invitation and plan one for me.. :p

December is a month to party and go out!! I went all the way out to Whitewater Raft at Sg.Sedim! It was probably one of the bravest thing i’ve done in my life seeing how phobia i am of heights. It was exhilarating and I will definitely do it again! The below photo is taken above a waterfall..

Then it’s Christmas @Duckies place. Simple yes, but much comfortable. Minus the craziness that happen in crowded areas. After that off to KL and Cameron Highlands for me.

Looking at this post, i think i had a pretty exciting 2008. With this i conclude that I manage to achieve my last year resolution which is to Live Each Day at a time and make the fullest of it. I am so proud of myself yet again. πŸ˜€ My life isn’t that bad in Malaysia afterall πŸ™‚

Next year resolution:-

  • Save at least 1/4 of my wages monthly. (difficulty level – HIGH)
  • Travel to at least one new place in the world ( difficulty level – easy :p )
  • Live Life to the fullest (difficulty level -moderate) (i have my emo days)

Happy New Year and a much better year ahead to All !! πŸ™‚

Remember to sing Auld Lang Syne tonight, my friends!

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5 Responses to 2008 to 2009

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    the dog was trying to say

    “u step on my shit, dude!”

    Eve: NO! the dog damn sayang me wan okie

  2. wendy says:

    i re-read the venice post..brings bck memories..ehehe

    Eve: You still have chance to go, i can’t πŸ™

  3. wei where was that final dinner? in edin kah? must be la..ada james they all…

    but then..i cant remember where leh…

    Eve: Some mexican food near an indian food place..Like castle wan

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