2012 of Epicness

How did 2012 treated you?  It had been an extraordinary year for the world for sure. With Psy beating Bieber on youtube (yes!) and the space jumps among others. I guess there’s many first being created in view of “the last year” for mankind. hehe

I think I had my fair share of awesome moments, extreme happiness and super melt down thus far.

A few years ago at a farewell gathering for a friend who is leaving for Japan to pursue her phd, a group of us actually said we MUST visit Japan by 2012. That’s the dateline for all of us to go before the end of the world. No more excuse on expensive, time or poor. Strangely or coincidentally  I believe most of us from that night actually did visit Japan, and all done within this year. Do you remember this, Wendy, Sarah, Pling? 🙂

I was extremely lucky as I’m able to visit Tokyo not only once but twice this year. It was an amazing experience and just the right season to see the fame cherry blossoms. As a bonus, I get to experience a minor earthquake and witness a solar eclipse all within the same week! -__-   to top it off, I had a taste of the most expensive chicken rice I ever had in my life 🙂


Prior to Japan, in my travelogue for the year, I went to horse and quadbike riding all over the Siem Reap. Soaking in all the nature around us at that time. Nature and history. At that time, cycling to and fro Tonle Sap from Siem Reap (30km) must have been the first milestone of the year for me. Cycling for such distance was definitely something not easy for me yet I did it! 🙂


Come June, I visited Singapore again for Jason Mraz.. and also Ippudo Ramen.. I think I’ve only “officially” been to Singapore 3-4 times, and out of those 2 were for Jason Mraz  during Singfest -_-  I still can’t get over how close I was from the stage. His concerts will always be the best! My regret would be not seeing him play live in Bali last year 🙁   Another super starstruck moment I had this year was during LeeHom after-concert, when he literary walked by me!!


I think the concert gods had been very good to me as the 3rd concert I went this year was a treat from my sister and a treat it was! We were up in the most expensive zone and Amei was amazing . True to her name, she did not disappoint  although my expectation for her performance was set super high.

However, I think towards the end of the year is when I had my meltdown. Especially when my baby girl of 10 years went to the rainbow bridge We still think and misses you very very much 🙁 However, after 2 month of eerie silence in the household, we couldn’t resist but to get another puppy. Meet Marvel, the angelic looking devil CKCS.. He’s the typical boy puppy, extremely cheeky, naughty but superbly adorable heart-melting.

Most epic read of the year – the 50 shades trilogy…hehe.. Mr Grey


A short return to Perhentian after almost 8 years.


Halloween party – another first! 🙂


Running a marathon although just 10km, is a life milestone for me this year. I still can’t believe I did it. Maybe the urge to change, mentality and physically gave me the extra push to prove to myself that I can actually do it.

Prior to this post completion, there’s plenty of stuff running through my mind. What do I want to write about? On this final post of the year ( most probably basing on my blogging frequency anyway).  The usual – what have I accomplished – surely pops up. Base on the above, I sure did a lot with the 354 days I had.  If this a fulfilling year? Yes I must say so.  So what’s my point?

I don’t exactly know. For the past few month, I’m like a traveler without compass. Without direction, it allows one to just explore and rediscover. But now, I need to walk a clearer path. So much that I want to write for remembrance but sometimes things are better left unsaid. It had been tearful. It had be joyful.  It had been juvenile. It had been magical. It had been so memorable that it was unimaginable but if things seems too good to be true, most of the time they are. Then the mist clears and reality looms in. I hope I will be able to work things out soon.

A photo of myself and a friend who share the same birth-date with me. Even after being friends for close to 10 years, this is the very first time we manage to celebrate growing wiser together.

My wish is simple. I want to be happy.


In all, I’ve done well this year. 2013 will be better! One must have faith as what is… is.. 

Post on my yesteryear

ps: hmm, i just happen to post this on 21/12/2012.. 🙂 

pss: I’m heading off for my final trip for the year in the morning..yay!! 

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