There’s always good and bad in a year. During this year, we will all feel that time flies. However, I think I was living in a fast fast forward mode in the second half of the year especially. I’m still in the office while typing this out now (730pm, 30th Dec). Just need a little time off from the weeks of nonstop working for at least hours a day.

Left the Agency in the first quarter of the year. Missing this bunch a lot actually. Missed being “tortured” together but because of them, it is much bearable. New place is cool. Same kinda hours but I will forever thank my lucky stars that I get to work with awesome people. I hope that the lucky stars will continue to bless me with awesome work people for as long as I’m working.

Trip to PD with the girls.

Family trip to Hokkaido in April.

Followed by most impromptu trip ever in my life. #SeoulSista trip to Seoul obviously. It’s a whirlwind of extremely good food trip.

#sjlastflingbeforering – Double Hen’s at Bangkok, double the havoc. So much fun. So grateful that the girls made the trip happen. I know it’s very difficult to make time to go on trips what more to suit the time of so many people.

My final trip of the year to Osaka and Kyoto for autumn leaves. My best birthday gift this year was able to visit the Hogwarts Castle in Osaka. SO DAMN HAPPY.

One of our closest friends left for Germany. Happy that they are forging great adventure in their life together as it’s such a great opportunity. Sad that they couldn’t be there on our wedding day.

First time to the new Zouk with this bunch. Which in a way started the ball rolling for another and another and another ones. The second half of the year was nothing but working hard and playing hard. I forge many new friendships through the bottles of whisky and gin that we finished.

My best friend is officially off the market. That’s the only other wedding that I’ve attended for the year and it’s the best so far, apart from my own :p A well deserved beautiful wedding and I couldn’t be any happier for them.

A huge chunk of my time was spent on planning and executing the wedding. I was extremely happy how the day turns out. Everyone seems to enjoyed themselves tremendously and that’s what we set out to achieve from Day 1. A huge party.

My Instagram sums up my 2016 pretty well. Travel, food, alcohol, coffee and wedding.

My new year resolutions are the same year in and year out. Living life to the fullest, trying to face it with happiness, kindness and love. 2017 will be another challenging year but i am grateful I have this one here to face it all with me.

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