I closed my 2016 post with “2017 will be another challenging year”.
Indeed it was.

I do not even know where to start.
Eventful, emotional, tearful, exhilarating, unexpected, life changing.

Most of the time feeling like this. Struggling. with. everything.

The only Korean drama that I watch for the year – Goblin. My most played track from Spotify was also the OST from the drama. Thinking back, it’s still good hence it made the cut for this post. hehe.

Gong Yoo

Surprisingly I found a passion in rhythm cycling. I’m extremely proud about it as it’s the only exercise I had managed to consistently being going for close to a year and no where bored of it yet. These people are also part of the reason I keep going. My friends, my motivators.

Attended one of the most amazing concert to date – Coldplay!! in Singapore with the best bunch of people too! Getting the tickets was nerve wreaking to begin with. How Chris Martin can unify the entire stadium to be on the same energy and vibe was amazing. Everyone had so much fun and obviously went into redrawals for weeks.

Coldplay in Singapore

We got lucky again as we got ourselves another set of tickets to another sold out concert – Ed Sheeren which is gonna be on my birthday eve! Ticking off almost all of my checklist for concerts I want to attend before I die now.  We were so thankful he did not cancel our show from his broken arms! Our hearts would be shattered then.

With my forever housemates <3

Watching #EdSheeren live on my birthday eve What a night

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Travel, I did.

Back to South Korea again. However, this trip back was an exceptionally meaningful ones for the family. It was the first time in more than 30 years since my mom are back to Busan together with her siblings.

When my mom will point out all the places she’s been and played at when she’s a little girl, it did tugged at my heartstrings.

With my very loving uncle and aunt. Really. I think it’s the Taiwanese influence.

Which way forward?

Seoul with the rest of the fam. A curious dad suddenly appeared wondering what the daughters are doing at Gentle Monster.

My most memorable trip of the year or of my life to date. The most mismatched travelling trio you can find out there but somehow we travelled so well together. I’ve heard about this festival for like 9 years back and never would I imagine that I would really make the trip one day. And that one day was a day in 2017.

Fuji Rock Festival 2017!

I vow to blog bout this someday. Putting our camping skills that we learned from our girl guiding days to good use. Thanks to flycycle also for improving my stamina and strength. I’m not as weak and useless as I thought I would be during the 5 days of being under the sun, rain and extreme amount of walking through the festival grounds.

Priorities after setting up our tents and marking our grounds at the campsite.

Waking up to this beautiful sky and greens everyday! We have nothing on our schedule but which stage to go, what food to eat, and is it time to buy another beer? It was such a amazing and soul detoxing trip! No wonder people keep coming back, year after year.

Then to Tokyo, we go!

Tokyo with my best friend!! The thought of it makes me so happy again! That we actually made it happen! Queueing up for Sushi Dai at Tsukiji Market while watching some fat china brat throwing a tantrum because he’s realllly hungry -_-

When in Tokyo, do something crazy with your friends! We booked ourselves a 2 hours tour with MariCar, a novelty tour that brings you around Tokyo in a go cart, dressed in costumes of your choice.

I’ve also started a hashtag of things I drank. Apart from serving as a drink log, behind those drinks are often accompanied by great people and conversation or just silly banters . Some people may be social media shy so a photo of the drink will do 🙂 Follow it as I plan to diligently update it in 2018.

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My Instagram best 9 sums up the year well for me. Trying new stuff, Trying to be healthier, Going to new places, with my family and friends.

It was a teary start and I will end the year smiling. We only live once, we owe it to our-self to live it well.

Quoting my friend, “Inhale the future, Exhale the past.”

Next year will be better! 🙂

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