2nd Day – Norfolk’s Park

Today’s Solstice Day! Which also means it’s the longest day the sun will be up. Doesn;t really make me any difference to me as i’ve already got used to seeing sunset at 930PM. Ok, let’s get to more photos from Sheffield.

Fresh or not so fresh from Manchester Airport. People from my course.

And in order to get to the Sheffield, we need to cross hilly roads where we can see alot of very blur looking sheeps. Really wolly and erm, dirty. haha but the look from the faces are really filled with ???? Btw, it’s not called Peak District. Something Penine hills or dono.

Before i left, i remember Ben telling me to try the Ale and he misses it alot. Summer dear, you can show this to time. My souvenier for him. HAHah

On the way to get our SIM card, we saw this St.Mary and stopped there for so long just to take photos. Maklumlah, we all first time in UK, damn jakun and excited to see the green leaves with super fat birds and a cathedral that has a clock tower that actually works.

The first time i was at The Moor, we stayed there past our lunch time and i did not bring any lunch there that i was so hungry i bought myself a jacket potato with cheese dressing. 2 of us shared and still canot finish it. But it feels good eating it because it’s windy and cold there.

This is an absolute-MUST-visit place in sheffield. Damn nice can die. Alot of people just lying or sitting on the green grass patch chatting or having lunch while you see doll-like kids running across the fountain under the sun. I love the sun here. It’s nicely warm not like Malaysia stinging hot type. Plus the cool breeze, weather like this are perfect. Oooh, we saw a wedding too.

At night we went to Norfolk’s Park. It’s already 830pm when we start to head out from our flats. Damn bright right. hahaha.. The park is such a nice place and makes me feel like running and running and roll on the grasses. Too bad i canot lay on it because it drizzles and it’s wet 🙁

It have a hugggge green area and lookin at it makes you more stressless. No need yoga and shrink la. So so nice i canot describe. Will go there soon again.

We ran all the way up to the end and there’s a huge playground there. The stuff there, it’s not for anyone so i’m not sure why they leave it there for the kids to play. As you can see, it’s a thingie thats in the shape of A and you’ll have to sit on it and hang on for dear life while your cruel friend swing you around. You’ll feel like you’ll be flung away..something like being lastic away. PLUS the cold cold wind, like wtf.

On the way to some memorial monument, we saw this! a proton SAGA~! Usually there’s alot of luxurious cars park on the roadside but nothing compares the excitement when we saw this classic park behind a merc. Hahaha.. So far, waja, kancil, kenari, kelisa and wira has been spotted. Not bad eh, Malaysia Boleh!!

The monument in remembrance (if not mistaken) to some cholera plague sheffield used to had. Really breathtaking night scenery here. It’s like on top of a hill so by the time we get there, everyone is like huffing and puffing. hehe..

Lastly, the train station. The whole steel panel has water flowing down all the time and it’s really nice.

and a (again) really cool fountain.

Ok, it’s really late now and i’ve limited vocabulary. My blog is getting boring i know so i’ll just go to bed now 🙁

I’m going to York tomorrow morning. Hopefully it wont rain as the weather forecast says it will.

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5 Responses to 2nd Day – Norfolk’s Park

  1. Wan Yean says:

    macam best! but the potato looks like mee rebus…

  2. ynnek says:

    Is that a Saga? looks more like Iswara to me…Anyway Malaysia memang boleh!

  3. erickoay says:

    bagus2 more manusia in uk. haha. since u clubbing queen, i go find u, u take me clubbing ok?

  4. Des says:

    well, everything is just happening rite, eve?

    u craved for this for years…

    now u’re actually in UK…

    smooth journey ahead!

  5. CY says:

    Norfolk’s Park and the ‘lastik’ look nice 🙂

    (Ok this comment is lame. Whatever)

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