A trip to Uncle Lims’

This was suppose to be a impromptu trip 2 weeks ago but we delayed it by a week because we were ticket-less and room-less. Finally after much doubt, we made it! Yeah! It’s kinda like an annual gathering for us, last year was perhentian/redang with 19 of us. This year, just the 8 of us. That’s whats left of those in penang now. So Sad..

The journey from Penang straight to peak of Genting takes around 5 1/2 hour thanks to the snail bus and the unnecessaries long long stops.

When i first stepped into the hotel (firstworld obviously) I now know how SMALL the bathrooms is. My sister mentioned before that once you open the door, take a step and you’ll fall on your bed. I mean you cant stretch your arms full length in the bathroom you know, it measures 4×4 bathroom tiles. So you get the idea. Actually it’s not really bad, just right for a night stopover or so, but i just like to complain. ahhahaa

First day there, the counter girl warned us of misty and rainy weather so we bought indoor tickets instead. Blardy shit, the weather is so fine the birds are chirping, and bugs humming…@^%$% It rain the next day…… =.=

That night, all of us tried our lucks getting into the casino but all was stopped. So PAISEH! but we did what we do best, buat bodoh lar…ahha then those among us that is OLDER(ok, older by a few months la) get to go in, the rest of us, including me, went clubbin. NOT NICE AT ALL!! It’s so obvious there’s so many china dolls inside. Then there’s all those old dudes staring and ogling at us. Mind you, we were all in long sleeves woolen tops. not slutty at all. I was like practically sitting there the whole time. Would rather go eat mcD. I wouldn’t go even if people treat me, even if there’s unlimited free choices of liquor waiting inside for me. No more clubbing for me in Genting!!

Football mad nation! Kick it! Kick it!

The next morning, we had an expensive breakfast. Wan tan mee at RM9.50 per bowl, somemore it’s the hard-to-swallow-type..Bleaaakkkkkk. That kick starts our day as a kid again, spinning tops, cyclone, roller coaster, and of course plenty of camwhorings…. so fuunnnnnnnn~~~~

Took too many photos to be loaded here. Go over to my multiply. I made a photolog bout this trip. It’s has been a very short time with you guys but i enjoy every moment as it’s not like how it used to be. It’s so hard to get any 4 of us together at any given time. Hopefully there’ll be more trips in the near future =)

This photo tak ada kaitan..just that i feel it’s very pretty. I took this photo with my new camera. unedited. Nice or not?? Any comments on how to improve?

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4 Responses to A trip to Uncle Lims’

  1. Wan Yean says:

    ask ppl go 2 ur multiply but neva put link. u think wat. we all ur stalkers ah know everything about u. =)

  2. J!MMY says:

    wan yeah, hahaha .. true true.

    i wan to go to genting also…….. 🙂

  3. angchoonseong says:

    yeah… go genting go genting!!!

  4. Eve says:

    genting not nice. wan tan mee very expensive and canot telan wan. The link is http://evenjaz.multiply.com/photos/album/31?last_read=1&mark_read=evenjaz:photos:31

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