A Weekend of KL Food

A trip to KL during Raya looong weekend.

Luckily tomorrow, another loong weekend awaits. Love Malaysia and her many bank holidays!! <3

First stop before the mamak go on break – Bumbung Nasi Lemak! My all time favourite food is Nasi Lemak and all sorts of cheap food. I am after all a low maintenance girlll

To fulfill faux princess of the day craving – we ventured far far away from Bangsar and PJ Wah Kiow Hakka Yong Tau Fu @ Jalan Peel. No idea what happen, but when I mentioned far, its because of the JAM! WHY is there a jam?

This place YTF is much better than the famous ampang YTF. The highlight of the stall is the superbly crispy Foo Pei.. so yummy because I usually dont fancy it. Remember to order the curry chicken and also the brinjal. delicious but be prepared to suffer the heat from our weather.

Dinner at ABC – Acme Bar and Coffee At Troika for LadyCow very belated birthday. The food to me was nothing to shout about. I love the environment and the service though. Sucker for that. Probably the lamb shoulder was the better dish out of all. The pink cake on the bottom right is Cempedak Cake. So heavily depends on individual preference and tolerance level. Personally, i couldn’t take more than a few bites before the taste is too overwhelming for me

Yamagoya again for lunch. I love love the ramen here.

I forgot what I had for dinner that night actually =.= too much food.

Following day meet up with my old friend who I’ve not met for a year! Time flies and we always take things for granted that, we will meet the next time.. the next time.. and before we know, its 12 months ago! So carpe diem people!

Massive lunch @ Nirwana Banana Leaf

Dinner at another favorite of mine when I was working in KL. Betty Midwest Diner!

This is the DogFood and its so damn good. How can something can be so simple yet so damn delicious? It’s just cheese and fries!!!

Of course there’s more dishes we ordered like the burgers, and I always ordered the Pork Chop. For a change, i had the Grilled Beer Braised Boston Butt. Its, without a doubt, delicious!! The braised pork was so so tender i don’t need a knife to eat it. SO SOFT AND TASTEFUL!!

Brunch at the best breakfast place in town – Antipodean, as far as i am aware though..Please let me know if you know any good place to try!! According to my sister, if we visit during the weekday, the food is so much better. Must be the throngs of people that made the quality dropped ..  🙁

Before heading back North, we had our dinner at Fat Boys Burger.  This is my second time there and I think the fries this time was quite disappointing. Serving took so so long although there’s only a few customers at about 6pm.

Burgers still good, but I will choose to have oink oink anytime.. ha!

Seems like I ate alot! Scary when looking at the recollections of all the food consumed and I would eat them all again 🙂

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