Apple4today started off as a portal for me jot down my thoughts.

I’ve been blogging since 2003, starting from friendster blogs moving on to some blogs that are more private and then to blogspot and here i am today.

The person who blog here is one of the clumsiest person you can find. She stubs her toes every other day and knock her hips around like hippo in china shop. She loves to eat hence the many many post of food, one in particular that won Kenny Sia food blog challenge.

Food yumminess will be rated based on below

– Just bad

  – On the fence/indifference

– Met Expectation, will return

– Above average, soo good

– Godlike yumminess, verge of entering heaven’s gate

Thank you for spending your time in this small space in the cyberspace.. 😀 Should you feel that you need to contact me for whatsoever reason, you can email me at evenjaz@gmail.com

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