Adrian’s 21st Birthday

Last Saturday i went to my cousin’s birthday at Sri Sayang. It had been years since i’ve been to an apartment party/stay. Actually it had been ages i attended any family members birthday.

The 2 bed -apartment practically exploded with people coming in non stop with his friends. Full blown social butterfly he is. His friends are so diversify..haha…

Saya Kalah.

Part of the drinks. Some i haven’t even heard of wth….Kids nowadays. Saya Kalah sekali lagi.

Him and his “Sau Pau”. Because no one bought him any cake. He had 4 cakes last year instead hahaha.

Family reunion. Tinky with Adrian

Me and adrian. Happy Birthday again!

My fisherman brother, Poppy

I think all my family members are giant breed, me included. All also “thick” and tall ;P
Poppy and Tinky..HAHAHA such a funny nickname combination.

Finally the two boys of the family. Two wacky dudes…that always team up and bully me when we were little.

Still remember once..during a family BBQ, i wanted to have the last satay but then this Adrian said very loudly while wacking my hand “ CANOT EAT, LET POPPY EAT!! T______T

Anways, me and ting left pretty early to join the usual gang at gurney drive. What a refreshing change from the usual mamaks and pubs. Real nice to see the Foobak back from Manipal. Another future doctor hahaha…

Thank you ting for layaning me whole night and also driving most of the time. HAHAHAH
Gotta run…for Water Horse

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