Breakfast iz very important! Especially when 4 out of 4 passenger in the car are sleep deprive and have NO IDEA how to get to our destination..


Breakfast @ Ipoh, Fushan is not as good as it used to be. Itz ze first time I’ve been there minuz ze madness. Itz 6AM!!!

Waiting in line to get our Genting cards activated.


Waiting in line to get our rooms for afternoon siesta


Note to self: Bukit Tinggi is NOT COLD OR EVEN CHILLY. :s


The “hike” up to Japanese Tea Garden.


Sorry, we were absent-minded on leaving ze tripod at home. img_0655

Fellow lunch partners and colleagues. Young, Sweet, Things…img_0632

Girls doing their thang


Wannebe..excuse the green piping. Imagine it’s not there, and I swear this is a very nice spot!!


Obligatory travel jump photo 😎


Improvise version which is not achieavable by ze blogger herself T_T swt .


Thanks for reading. :))

Can anyone teach me how to insert a header into my blog ?? :shy:

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4 Responses to Adventura

  1. The Aminos says:

    Nice blog, beautiful photos. I’ll follow your blog from now.

    Eve: tq tq

  2. gill gill says:

    haha…good posting and action, especially the punch!

    Eve: glad you like it 🙂

  3. helen says:

    very nic pics!

    Eve: thanks helen! not nice enuf compared to your escapades though…

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