AFY is Jinx!!!

I’m fed up with my car already.

Within a short span of time, it was scratched seriously, tyre burst, petrol consumption went horribly wrong and again scratched.

First damage cost RM400 because cb culprit was clever enough to damage 3 panel of the car. Fixed it, done, happy, life goes on.

Then last Saturday, my tyre burst due to long usage so changed 2 tyres at one go, RM300 gone in 1 go as well. Fixed it, done, life goes on.

This morning, when Kenny fetch me to work, I noticed another scratch along the back passenger door once again.

The stupidshiteatingculprit that did it..I dont know what wrong with these people. Too much free time in their hands, hand itchy. If i know who did it, imma gonna so stone that fella to death. Or just use penknife and slash the fella all over since he like damaging people property so much. AND POUR SALT WATER ALL OVER!!!!

The latter sounds more painful, so i shall use it!! provided i know who did it. Thank you. End of announcement for my fateful car name AFY.

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One Response to AFY is Jinx!!!

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    i can do the pouring salt water part.. u do the earlier part.. then u can go to jail alone

    Eve: You are so thoughtful~

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