Ah Leng Char Koay Teow @ Dato Kramat

Even though I’m a true blood Penangite, Char Koay Teow is definitely not my favourite food. Before this, it was just a very oily dish of noodles to me.  Only of recent year, I took some liking towards it but still selectively.

Last 2 weekend as I was around the area, I decided to try the famous Ah Leng Char Koey Teow @ Dato Kramat opposite Federal Plaza


In above photos, the Green plate is CKT Special RM11 vs the normal CKT RM6, both with duck eggs. Not exactly a cheap dish for both.. but just look at the size of the prawns. Normal CKT is normal CKT just that the prawns are really juicy and fresh.

As for the CKT Special, the reason its so expensive because on top of the duck eggs that made the dish much more fragrant, mantis prawns was also added in. So Special!! Also instead of 2 big juicy prawns, i get 4 !  Seriously this is the best combo platter a CKT can get. Beats Lorong Selamat in my opinion.

Double thumbs up for the famous Ah Leng CKT. I dont think it’s really that expensive comparatively with say Little Penang or MDM Kwan as you are getting authentic CKT with all these ingredients. Also, with all good things, you will have to wait at least 30mins for it and I went at around 130pm ++ which is past lunch time.

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