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After another long hiatus ( I should seriously stop this trend), here I would like to share with you my humble eye-liners collection. A blonde post .. hehehe

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I’ve been meaning to do this post for quite some time, but yea, procrastination got the best of me -_-   I’m pretty sure I have more eye-liner that the above but just find them.

If you are interested, then read on.. 🙂

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Crayon liners are for my daily usage.

1. Dior Crayon Waterproof Liner – So far the best for me. No smudging whatsoever even after wearing it for the whole day, smooth application. I’ve gone through more than 5-8 one them already. Comes with its own sharpener in every box. Cons: quite costly 🙁

2. Make Up for Ever Aqua Eyes– I used to buy these when I’m based in KL. Most youtube makeup videos will recommend aqua eyes and I find it not bad. However, Dior has a smoother application and last longer compared to this.

3. 3ce Creamy eyeliner – my latest addition and loving this so far that I may even abandon my Dior! I can buy 2 of these for the price of 1 Dior even with shipping ! I think I’m loving everything from 3ce. Wait till I get more colors from the series. The one I’ve gotten is Zorro. Love it.

4. MAC Eyeliner (not in photo) – not buying them ever again. Most probably it’s not suitable for the weather here. It’s super creamy, great for application but also smudge like hell. Probably a good one if you like smoky eye or Goth look.

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Liquid Eye Liners that I used for emphasizing.

1. Dollywink – The brush are a tad too smooth so it’s difficult to draw if you are not used to liquid. The colors are quite intense when you first apply then but i noticed it tends to fade after awhile

2.  Kji & Co 24hours Eyeliner Injection – Current favorite. It has a sturdy brush and very tiny tip so i used it as a filler between lashes after liners. Friend got this for me from Japan

3. K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner – I alternate this and #2. Both are equally good.

4. Misha EyesCream Eyeliner – I got this in brown. My friend bought this for me from Taiwan. Used it a few times, I still prefer liquid liner in black as the brown are not intense. If you like really natural kinda look, this may be for you. I used this after my brown liner as usual.

20131115-032044 pm.jpg

Gel liner are my favorite form of eye-liner in terms of texture and application but the cleaning of the brush usually deter me from using it -__-

1. Dior Liner – Was told this is a gel liner by the SA. This is one of the worse liner I bought even compared with those from drug stores -__-  It so difficult to draw on the lid, its like scraping the eyelids. However for some reason, it drew smoothly when tried on my hands. Anyway moving on…

2. Maybelline Gel Liner – This is actually not too bad for the cheap price ahahhaa. Not much complain as it comes with a brush. However, the texture tends to dry up quite fast so you have to draw on quickly.

3. Misha EyesCream Gel Liner – This is my absolutely favorite Gel liner after I saw it on youtube (beautyqq) and managed to get it when I was in Tokyo last year. This is the best invention ever, gel liner in pen form!! Boomz!  Precision, great pigment, smooth and stays on! I only used it when I’m extremely lazy but need to dress up or when Im going for a night out as its not available here. I have to trouble my friends to buy back for me whenever I know they are going to Japan. My precious… this is my 4th one probably…

4. Bobbi Brown Gel Liner (not picture) – I owned a tube of it for the longest time and it’s the best before I met Eyescream. It’s a love/hate relationship with it, as it will give me the matte finish but cleaning the brush every time is a hassle 🙁  So I just found out they have a new long wearing gel pencil?? hmmm


Conclusion, for everyday usage, I will prefer the Eyescream Gel Liner in brown but due to limitation, I uses Dior Crayon Liner in Brown. But since I’ve found 3ce… I may just jump ship soon 🙂  Please let me know if there’s any good liner out there!!

The best liner in the world that is smudge proof, water proof, and tear proof is still the below..

Best eyeliner

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  1. christal says:

    Sharpie aren’t that smudge proof too!
    I use it frequently at work… Hahahaha…

  2. Kenny says:

    I love eyeliners!!!!

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