an funny conversation between me and a jpa student

when me asking his uk # so can contact him when i’m in london…

after stating a certain phone number…

8/9/2007 7:16:29 PM angchoonseong eeii..
8/9/2007 7:16:40 PM angchoonseong sounds very..
8/9/2007 7:17:00 PM angchoonseong ahh..
8/9/2007 7:17:00 PM angchoonseong u later on try both la..
8/9/2007 7:17:02 PM (R)«¤év褻 (R) =.=
8/9/2007 7:17:02 PM angchoonseong hoho
8/9/2007 7:17:18 PM angchoonseong i cant remember la bos
8/9/2007 7:17:53 PM (R)«¤év褻 (R) body anatomy u can remember
8/9/2007 7:19:19 PM angchoonseong hehehe..
8/9/2007 7:19:19 PM angchoonseong lemma
8/9/2007 7:19:29 PM angchoonseong human can remember less than 7 numbers in a group
8/9/2007 7:19:29 PM angchoonseong so phone number shud be less than 7
8/9/2007 7:20:29 PM (R)«¤év褻 (R) i can still remember my icq #
8/9/2007 7:21:04 PM angchoonseong pppuuuh.
8/9/2007 7:21:15 PM angchoonseong no wonder u r not jpa..
8/9/2007 7:21:17 PM (R)«¤év褻 (R) ngehehe
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3 Responses to an funny conversation between me and a jpa student

  1. §pinzer says:

    oooh this Ang sounds like a cool and smart JPA student… I wanna know him! Wht’s his number? ;D

  2. Eve says:

    please do not make his anymore kembang than he already is 🙂

  3. angchoonseong says:


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