Angels Children’s Home

Saturday morning, i was asked to volunteer at this place in OUG. To help some Raleigh people to paint the walls. It’s a shelter for abused, neglected and orphaned childrens. So i thought “What the heck la, just go, take it as exercise and charity. Somemore can reminisence the ol’ times of pre-camp”

I was wide awake since 930am since Christal told me she’s coming around my place around 10. I waited…and waited…and waited…send her sms-es “Oi, bila nak datang?!?”

She replied “20 minutes la, coming out from the house now”

Her 20minutes turns out to be 3 hours actually T ______________ T

There’s already a hoard of people there when we got there. They already conquered the wall, so i went to play with the kids. They were so adorable and good manners. And they were so manja ok…heart can melt, so semangat telling me some story from some comic book i never heard off.
Ya, i know i abit pinsam because i only took photos of these kids…go over to christal blog for more details and photos.
So i cut stencils for the rest of the afternoon, and then it start raining.

We went out for some nice steamboat at Sri Petaling..kakaka… Then continue working for the rest of the time.
There’s like red ants and cockcroaches running around the drain, but we had no place to stand except in the drain -.-|| Our sources of light that night was from the only street lamps and our mobile phones. By the way, they had some one sponosor us lunch and then the coffee shop boss around that area saw us working till late so he sponsored us paus for supper..hehe…so kind ok.

Until 2AM, it’s a WRAP!!

Actually those people from raleigh not only did the front wall, mural but also they painted the whole double storey house. I mean, practically the whole facade of the house, they had scaffolding around the house. OMG, how resourceful can those people be.

I really had a nice time there with those people. The volunteers are all from different walks of life. It’s a good experience for me as this is the first time i went to any shelters. Hope to go there soon =)

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46 Responses to Angels Children’s Home

  1. CY says:

    Wah. Cute children! How nice of you to volunteer 🙂

  2. christalloh says:

    getting to know about these children is such a privillage…

    some times, we tend to take things for granted… when we saw these children’s, they were really like an angel in our eyes…

    we should be always be gladful for what our family had provided us with…

    Your help is very appreciated…

    Hope more would be able to do so too…

    This coming Sat they are painting the main wall too… can ajak who ever interested too..

    Thx lots..

  3. thomasting says:

    someone doin charity loooo…hahaha. but it does seem fun, n the kids r adorable XD

  4. Eve says:

    cy: yes, they are all really cute indeed =)

    christal: no sweat on that day ok. somemore get to eat steamboat..hahah

    thomas: u should go someday with me instead of going zouk. hahahhhahaa

  5. Kenny Ng says:

    wow! never know u into this activities too… great job!

  6. Joash Chan says:

    it’s a great privilege, isn’t it? A job well done =)

  7. Boss Stewie says:

    aww u’re so nice

    well done

  8. Eve says:

    All : Thanks for commenting =) It’s not only my effort. It belongs to everyone who was there that day

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