Angkor What ? Angkor Wat

Ok, Angkor Wat 🙂 Angkor What? is a notorious pub/club on pub streets with neon and glow in the dark graffiti

So we woke up really early in the morning in order to catch the Sunrise. Most of the vacation destination that are filled with tourist, one thing i noticed is the people are very obsessed with catching the sunset and sunrise.

They will take a photo of you as the day pass at the entrance to the Archaeological park (USD20) so if you are vain as me, you will consider to put on some makeup even if that means waking up at 4am..

Our mugshot per say..

The beautiful and mystical Angkor Wat. We took about another 50-100 similar shots haaha..

And we were part of the hoard that woke up at ungodly hours, got driven sleepily to Angkor Wat with few hundred more people.


After about 20mins of waiting in the cold, we wanted to leave and the guide was surprise, haha – Now? But you no watch sunrise yet!!

So we stayed for a little more while.

It was a pity that the building was under restoration during our visit, hence the scaffolding was all over the place. We opt to go back to the hotel for our big breakfast since its like 10-15min away. Love the fact that all sight seeing spots in SiemReap are so near the town, unlike Bali.

I’m not going to post all the photos that we took there, I’m sure you will be able to find far more amazing photos using Google.

The 1 day tour that we booked cost – USD10 for each pax, air conditioned van with a driver and tour guide. It’s a norm here to hire a driver and guide as the driver will only pick up and drop off people. I wouldn’t recommend the guide we booked too. He (Sanpark) is a reputable one but did not inform us he will not be our guide on the day. Instead he was replaced with a guy name (Vichet) which unfortunately we met alot others who speaks better English that him.

Among all the temples and ruins we visited, i love Bayon and Ta Prohm the most. Bayon is really like Borobudur with the many Buddha Stupas.

AND – as you may notice, I’m wearing super color block attire on this tomb raiding day. I would say wearing like a maid 🙁 haha, that’s because, you are not allowed to enter the premise of one of the temple if your shoulder are not covered and any shorts, skirts up to knee length. We figure we very pandai can bypass the guards by using our scarf as sarong, but the apparently they are not so lenient anymore, had to buy a pants on the spot.

Ta Prohm, was a very calm and quiet place. Really amazing looking at all the trees crushing the stones..hehe

*when you see it

Ta Prohm or more well known as the Tomb Raider temple. The very spot Angelina Jolie stood hehe.. Such a long queue. I looked at the photos that friends took, it was nicer as there’s no platform or barrier. The price of improvement i guess

I’m surprise to learn that there’s still monks in Angkor Wat.

One of the many group shots we took at Angkor Wat.
One of my favourite of all too 😀

The crowd at 530AM

Next time I’m there, I will be cycling and exploring it with a book. No more lousy guide who only say Yes to all your questions and doesn’t really explain anything.

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