Another merdeka night…

This would be the first time I’m not in Malaysia during Merdeka. What more when we celebrate it 7 hours after the people in Malaysia celebrate it.

To be frank, what is there to celebrate?

Except for the glorious food that the various culture has brought us and another public holiday and reason to party. Maybe because our country has always manage to be in the headlines in foreign papers, for the wrong thing. 50 years of independence and we still have people thinking the way way a world class performer dresses is obscene.

Can we truly love a country that most students choose not to go back to when they graduated from oversea academic institution? Even if they do go back after graduating, most of their first choice is to go over to our developed neighbor instead of our forever developing country.

This blog was never meant to be heavy on political issues; and so it shall not be. Just think about what exactly you are waving that small flag for?

Tonight, is just another reason for us to get the one and only merdeka baby drunk and mission accomplished! 🙂

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4 Responses to Another merdeka night…

  1. christal.loh says:


    i can feel the Merdeka Spirit this year lor.

    at Merdeka Stadium, u can juz feel it..

    It was special 50yrs celebtration,
    the human formation was one of the best i’ve ever seen, very impressive. with a crowd of atleast 200 people doing it..

    bukanlah sahaja mabuk.. kekeke..

  2. Des says:

    if everyone thinks like u and dont wana come back..then malaysia will continue to slack down..if all the smarties come back and work endlessly and whole heartedly (plus no corruption) then for sure malaysia will succeed!

  3. ihsan_huhu says:

    my 1st merdeka nite.. last year xjoin (not sure last year ade ke x)

    penat gila… next year might not join again… hahahaha

  4. Eve says:

    christal: need money to go see ? i dono leh..hehe

    Des: the smarts one are unappreciated, u wanna go back?

    ihsan: ur short form X, if not for acs, i wont understand also.haha

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