Another quarter of my life is done.

As of now, i’ll be leaving my little village be heading back to civilisation. The only thing i’ll miss about Blyton is my only friend, elliot(he’s so sweet he gave me goingaway gift..aww), the freedom and the molah i made.

I just realized my shopping power has increased by ten fold compared to the time when i was in Penang therefore i almost burst into tears when packing today. I had to again lug my huge heavy luggage around england train station.

A little clue on my next destination…but if you are quick enough, you would have guessed where it is 🙂

A little bit of mafia, a little bit of culture, awesome food, fabulous eye candy with accent and a great travel mate is what it takes!

Due to my near non existence determination, my project diet 101 is officially a failure 🙁 🙁 🙁 Will try harder next time!

Next update will probably be after Thursday.


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8 Responses to Another quarter of my life is done.

  1. Kenny Ng says:

    Next destination… Italy? Kekeke…

  2. Des says:

    hahah i oledi expect u to post some italian football players with muscular bodies..

    nah here u are!! LOL

  3. h3l3n says:

    failure??? u were doing so well.. mayb u don hav weighing scale so u duno.. go edin check la..

  4. Eve says:

    kenny: yep!

    des: stop guessing my next move la -_-

    helen: u dono how i binge these day..somemore raining canot go run…damn sad

  5. Eric Koay says:

    eh how come got a picture or me, choon seong, and my other gay frenz in your blog wan?

    u curi curi take izit?

  6. ihsan_huhu says:

    oh shit, i tot onli me,eric n ACS hav dat pic we took together…


  7. jlshyang says:

    i oso want to guess can or not? hahaha

  8. h3l3n says:

    oh! u saying the 1st pic isit.. ang the pizza.. u the tomato.. all the bulat ppl.. memang comel sekali!

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