Another Year, Another Chapter

What a year it has been! Cliche, Cliche, but the year really did zoomed past. I really can’t believe, here I am again, writing this post in the airport while waiting to catch my final flight for 2015 back to Penang.

As much as I’ve always busy or lazy to write any post throughout the year, I’m quite determine to at least keep up with the tradition of posting my year highlight. Anyone close to me will know how taxing my work has been and will continue to be. There’s no avoiding it when I’m in this industry,     serving this particular client. Career has been good to be but I’m anticipating an even more crazier year.

Personal Goals – Travel More!
I believe I did well in that albeit my work schedule.

I went to Cameron Highlands again after not been there since 6 years ago.
I went to Perlis with the crazy bunch and turns out to be the really just nothingness there.

Vientiane, Laos and NongKhai for my cousin’s wedding.

Bangkok stopover just to eat all the food!

Hong Kong and Macao for the first time ever. Can you believe it? 8 hours of transit in the airport doesn’t count. No one ever believed me when I told them I’ve never been to Hong Kong before. Not anymore!!

And the highlight was going to Disneyland for the very first time!!!IMG_6168

I think I’ve been quite into Korean entertainment for quite a few years now and who wouldn’t know who BigBang is. Even way before I started watching Running Man, I absolutely hated BigBang because my first encounter with them was Fantastic Baby mtv


Never say never, because now I know how they started, their real name, their age, and even most of their songs  -______-

Earlier of this year, me and cousinTing won ourselves a pair of tickets to watch TaeYang and the photo caption that went on my Facebook was
“First concert for the year! …..Next aim: to watch GD/BigBang live!” 


Guess what!!!!!

Passes to sound check, best seat in the house and sending them off, all that jazz.

Best of all, it’s all complimentary!!! Woot Woot! To date, I still think getting to watch BigBang live was the highlight of  my 2015. Definitely it sits damn high on my chart.


Of all the concerts I’ve been to, this one will be hard to beat. The sound and lighting and fireworks were all so on point. And they were sooooo near to me…..Okay, enough of fangirling. Moving on..

Entering my thirties with fireworks. Who uses candle anymore? I would think that in the next decade, no kid will know how to blow out candles on their anymore.


At this age, I would say wedding season would be at their PEAK while babies birthday are slowly but surely catching up. I counted I’ve attended at least 10 weddings last year alone excluding ROMs.. Not that I hated any of it. I love weddings to bits because I am very picky on the ones that I attend. I love to watch the people I know so well and love unite for life with their other half. I love it even more when they exchange meaningful vows. It could be just me, all sentimental and hopeless romantic.

The world is so big, why did we meet?
Could it have been chance?
Could it have been destiny?


I also noticed that I have 10 new dresses in my wardrobe too smilesweat

Top highlight of the year?

My only chance of becoming a small face person, title also take

MrsSmallface-to-be sparkling heart


Next year is gonna be another whirlwind year for me. Bridezilla mode: ON!

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