Are You Frugal or Just Being Cheap?

To all: Below is a rant, so just click the X on the top right handside of the window now thanks.

if you persist to read on, no, it’s not about boyfriend (i know some of u sure think pergaduhan among bf

Why must you be so nifty over such a small thing? Why la! I dont understand you people one ok. Seriously. Dono how you brainworks, More bizarre than me.

Why canot listen first before concluding that I’M the one that is not listening? You think you are so god damn fuking right all the time, but i tell you, you are so absofuckinglutely Not! no different with others.just another dickhead. DAMn piss off with you ok? CAn you just listen to me for once and stop smothering me with all your fucking philosophies! I’ve had enought of it already. ALWAYS. WITHOUT. A. MISS. enough is enough.

I used to like you enough to be a friend for exactly the traits that make me so sick now. Stop talking to me.

So disappoint in the way you think. Especially on someone *I* thought was so close to you. Does this make you cheap or just being fucking frugal?

I’m going my way now. Fuck off….


Fucking stresss!!! SO wanna diu people here but canot because will pecah tembelang! HOW NOW?

How do u rate a friend? The value of a friend? How do u show they meant alot to you? Is

Clubbin worth more than a friend
Going for good expensive food worth more than a friend
worth more than a friend
Go karoke
worth more than a friend
Buying *another* pair of shoe
worth more than a friend
Go holiday
worth more than a friend
Go for a movie
worth more than a friend
Simple buying something that worth nothing to us
worth more than a friend
(fill in the blanks)
worth more than a friend

i dono…you tell me.

I hate irresponsible people. Again, you people is still the same as 10 years ago. It’s not a compliment.

Friendship don’t magically last for 40 years. You have to invest in them. It’s like your savings, you dont find a big bucket of money waiting for you when you wake up the next day.

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