Armenian Street Open House

Last 2 saturday, there’s this open house thing at Armenian Street. It’s also the same saturday which my friends miss the first half of ManU vs Fulham because i insisted on going to this open house. The result we got con by our good friend that Van der Sar scored the blardy goal.

Anyway, getting back to the main story. We got con earlier on too -_-|| There’s this scary looking uncle directing people into parking, so we park there thinking it’s very near. He charge us 3bucks and yet it’s 2 blocks away. Lazy to walk ady ma..

It was so crowded when we got there. So “lau juak” as we hokkien say. They have different streets with themes selling their very own delicacies, like Hainan Street, selling Hainan Chicken Rice. Although we were starving but we din buy any food because i told them the food sux. From previous experience there la, but i guess i was wrong when Sarah told me it’s delicious. Sorry cheeboo.

We headed straight to the famous KhooKongsi. Usually, there’s an entrance fee of RM5 per entry, just to see the clan house. After the restoration, it’s like seriously amazing to look at. The craft and the art. If i’m not wrong, they hired an old man from china to paint the roof and he literally lives up there..I think it’s khoo kongsi la.. To those that don’t know where is Khoo Kongsi, it’s at Cannon Square. A small lane from Armenian Street.

The narrow tunnel, lead us to some prewar houses. These houses usually have the one with the clan surname living in it. Like the protector of the clan, no?? That night, these prewar houses become quaint little space to exhibit dying arts in Penang itself.

They have things that I myself don’t even know exist. Like cleaning out the ear wax with just a bulb and needle.

Or making beautiful flowers out of wax.

Ok, i think enough of wax.. For girls that was there, we can enjoy the culture surrounding us, but i think guys mostly would be bored. But don’t worry. Preserving our heritage is also the responsible of the younger generation hence, Leng Lui!!

Pretty leh, she’s selling these cute stuff made of flour. They even made hair clips from flour, but i scared later ants will crawl up my head. Haha…But it’s still very deftly made.

Followed by this young girl doing some weaving using the old tools. Never seen this machine before also and this lass younger than me by dono how much know how to weave so god damn well. Good! Impreeessive lu…

This aunty very profesional. Doing accupunture..First time i saw with my own eyes!

Really concentrating wan ok..

Same goes with this guy carving. I don’t know if anyone still hang these wooden plate on their door, except for temples la.

I did one of these craving during Form 3 for the art class. Which i hated so much, cos i was so scared i will carve my flesh out instead. So! my dad, mom and sister had to finish it for me ..hehe..i really hate art class cos i have negative talent in drawing. Serious shit. you also can get your fortune told for only RM10! Wei, that’s like so cheap ok, i think those stall in shopping complex also charge Rm50 at least. Anyway, since this guy got invited he should be quite reputable right? I wanted to get mine told but there’s alot of people looking and waiting and its so hot, so forget it.
He uses this tortoise/turtle shell to shake out the coins and then read pokers. The usual stuff. Would have gotten a good shot if that botak uncle wouldn’t have block my view -_-

Finally!!! Khoo Kongsi !!!

We had to brave ourselves through the sea of humans just to see this amazing structure. Then, take a few photos, buat lawak abit, and then had to go back the same way, as there’s no other way out. See how close these houses are facing each other.

Same goes with other clan house buried deep inside the busy streets that we uses daily.

All in all, a very happy event, because get to see children dance, lion dance, dragon dance, tiger dance, bamboo dance

and also baba & nyonya dancing!

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6 Responses to Armenian Street Open House

  1. Kew says:

    Nice.. dam I miss the event..

  2. Eve says:

    kew: next year lah…hehe

  3. jlshyang says:

    wah, i didn’t know there were so many interesting stuffs there. I’ve always avoided such events coz i thought it’s a touristy thingy. Next time must go liao. Hehehe.

  4. christalloh says:

    i went last year’s it was amazing that some traditional are still around but we city kids are just too carry out with our modern activities…

    but i think this year got more stuff. Eg: the cucuk jarum men, baba nyonya dance (*never see & never knew there’s one) & girl weaving kain.

    I love PENANG!!!!

  5. pp says:

    i like the small small patung thing..

  6. Eve says:

    jason: so now u know 🙂

    christal: cucuk jarum the one cleanin ear wax issit??

    pp: i feel like eating the small small patung..hehe..looks yummy, no??

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