Back to Sheffield

I believe to many of SHU students from TAR, we would have consider Sheffield as home away from home. Rightfully, since its the first place we settle down in uk.

That’s why when i planned to go Meadowhall for some serious damage to my bank balance, a friend invited me to go Sheffield, without thinking twice, i find myself on the train heading towards Sheffield once again.

(I started writing that 2 paragraph above 2 days ago, and i will try to finish it today 15/12/07 -__-)

So i reached Sheffield and decided to register myself for the convo next year. yay! get to pretend to be hermoine again and feel graduated again. nay! 50pd gone just like tat. *poof* SHU looks so different now from summer. It’s full of students and they are not all ah chah. Vibrants and busy instead of quiet and filled with msians or ah chahs..

After that, me and my host, ThienPing who also just got his pay check did some serious store raiding. Oh, how i miss FarGate! I never thought i will miss it so much. There’s a 1-Day only sale for coat in H&M that day. So i got myself a shawl collared coat. I mean, it’s a necessity right? I wouldn’t want to torment myself during these horrible winter cold. I would say it’s a steal, for coat like tat with that price 🙂 🙂

We had lunch at this Yorkshire Pudding place that shean once told me about. This is the Yorkshire Pudding that doesn’t look like pudding and looks lousy but taste amazing with the gravy smelling heavenly.

I just had some plain mushroom and ham omelette.

and then i finally got myself a pair of shoes my size after searching at 3 M&S stores -__- Anyway, Sheffield is beautifully lit up, all ready for the magical season. I’ve only got 1 photo near cityhall because we wanted to take more photos at night, i guess we left the house too late, it’s all dark and gloomy by the time we reach peace garden T___T

Oo..besides being a great host, TP is also a great chef!!! He actually cooked dinner for us and his housemates. Hoho. Why most of my guy friends are such great chef? Last time, donovan once cooked a full dinner for us girls. Great effort, mate. And i have 1 friend, weelee who makes amazing potato salad and is it fettuccine cabonara?

So while he busy away, i just take photos and chit chat..ahaha..u see how fast he chops up the onion. If i go at that rate, the only thing i’ll be chopping is my fingers wtf.

Dinner is served! Eh, no need to go restaurant well made and decorated. With ben&jerry ice cream as dessert which unfortunately for me, too full to eat anymore.

me n tp, the host, of course with the food.

Later on, there’s this Chinese christmas party at Embrace. Off we go without question, decked out in my new shoes and top. Since semester has begun in universities, students are flooding back into the clubbing scene.

Maybe because it’s tuesday night, the party was a flop. But it’s still filled with fabulously dressed chinese/taiwanese girls. During the whole time, i was thinking, Kenny will kill to be here. Hahahaha.. The girls really dress to kill. and dances …. like people in mtv or strip club. i dono. with their super short skirt and boots and white shirt tied at the waist. With so many guys that wants to be Justin timberlake…shirts, thin ties, waistcoat, trilby hat and popping and locking was all over the place!!

For me, well..i suppose i already damn berkarat. I dont know how to dance or simply because i don’t have my dearies around me? I am so kaku and stood there and watching people almost the whole night. I think i enjoy watching those people dance more. Where did these people learn to dance like that? From mtv i suppose huh… Despite that, i am happy to stay my tolerance to alcohol did not karat…HAHAHAHA

Oh! Oh, i also met a friend there. One of the smartest friend i have…hehehe..phdholdertobe! Glad meeting up with u

and a photo with TP

we end the night eating kebab…and waking up to a lovely meal at a Vietnamese restaurant. The famous koey teow and bean sprout

and the spring rolls..

Before i headed for the same ol boring life i have now.

Where will i be going next?? Look out for my next travelogue 🙂

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  1. Des says:

    nah..i so long din go clubbing no sexy back…

    eee you’re the one goin clubbin!!

  2. h3l3n says:

    looks yummyyyyyyyy wah i want some1 to cook for me also.. for a change.. haha

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