Bald head lecturer

I got my result for my exam today. I expected i would have failed 1 subject and that subject alone after exiting the exam hall. Guess what? I really did fail* pulls hair* for the first time in my life!!!!! *SCREAMS* But it’s not for the subject that i expect to fail. I pass that subject alright.

I failed IT subject. Can you just believe that? That lecturer loathes me. vice versa here. It’s because he sucks! He is not even qualified to be a lecturer. Always bragging(hey, if u r so keng, u wont be here la) belittle people, laughing and jeering at his student’s english(i’m in tar so 90% is chi-ed), mis-using his power as a lecturer. That’s why i hated him so god damn much!!

Every semester we will have this form to fill up in order to evaluate the lecturers. This botak, as i named him, will hover around reading what we wrote about him. Some wrote comments that displease him and he showed his beh-syokness by collecting back the honest forms and re-distribute to us and DEMAND us to rewrite lies about him while watching closely..

Well, who in the right sense of mind will bitch about him under such situation? Because i hated him so much, i really studied for his subject as i do not want to see him EVER again. I am really confident enough that i did well enough not just to earn myself a pass. Now the result showed me otherwise. I’ll launch a complain against him to my school counselor no doubt about that.

This incident makes me hates him even more X 100. I so wanna punctured his Vios tyres or makes his bonnet shiny no more. Serve you right being botak! Must have been curse by too many students through out your service in this reputable collage. Stupid botak, go rot in hell with ur cheap vios, most probably second hand!

But what should i do now? I want to make an appeal to remark my papers but friends advice is to just for resit as its useless and a waste of money cos they do not re-read ur answers. Is that true? Is this is differences between a chi-ed and eng-ed people? I notice many a times they just let things be and accept their fate although they felt unfair or unjust. For me, i will not go without a fight. Tell me what you think about it.

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7 Responses to Bald head lecturer

  1. Ask For Fun says:

    ask for remark…. if you really confidence on yourself.
    I do not know what is the real condition at TAR, but for UM , there will be another committee to remark your paper…
    but still from the same department laa of course

  2. Jason says:

    fight for your rights! Ask for remark or complain since you’re confident it’s not your fault. Try to find a proper channel to complain though, check with ya college if not if they refer you back to him then teruk d.

  3. Eve says:

    i love me daddy! he ask me to complain and he did not scold me for failing. He say he’ll foot the resit cost somemore. hahahha

    Will complain definately!!

  4. fishtail says:

    Get some other students who feel the same way as you do about the lecturer, and submit a joint ‘feedback’ form. It works better that way. (In KDU, they don’t call it ‘complain’ form, but ‘feedback’ form, but everyone knows you only use the form for complaints.)

  5. Eve says:

    In other words, those feedbacks ARE complaints la..haha.

    You see, it’s rather difficult to get students from TAR to really voice out. unless they are already in the student welfare committee or something like that. I know they are discontented with alot of things but its the communication barrier that’s stopping them.I’m speaking in general.

  6. christalloh says:

    wah… sure complaint… gather many students together & do PROTEST!~~~~~

    huahahaha…. but in my college… complaints are juz too much… nobody ever like anything in LUCT, limkokwing for those who dunt know… complaints are our daily duty… everyday sure got something to complaint 1…

    Example of ‘happened’ stuff because of my college not looking over at our complaints…. students broke toilet bowls & stuff… (my lecturer told me that)… huahahaha & the next day i really saw a broken toilet in a toilet compartment…. huahaha… the lecturer even told us COLD ICE could actually break a toilet without using and WEIGHT / STRENGH…. huahaha….

    check out my blog later for more details…

    sorry ya winterbear, use ur comment as my blog d… huahahha… take care…

  7. Eve says:

    hog my commenting system..promoting ur blog…i’ll link you need to do like tat..ahaha

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