Bali Day 3

Finally continuing my Bali journey day 3 :shy:   :shy:  Procrastinator for life yo. Final day in Ubud and it’s time to venture deeper into the northern side of Bali before ending our day at Febris Hotel and Spa Kuta. I’m trying out this new plugin where the photos are group toget

#1 Tegallalang Rice Terrace – this was really a touch and go stop as it was drizzling all the time. For me, I’ve seen these sort of plantation few times along the highway JKT-Bandung.

#2 Very persistent sales girl… 1dollar..1dollar..postcard..1dollar…cheeseee

# 3 The Mother Temple of Besakih which is magnificent. So many pagoda

#4 some corn and coconut snack that Gisele bought. Yummy!

#5 Babi Guling at the ever famous Ibu Oka. The original one sold out by the time we were there so we had the crispy skin instead which was delicious. I would love to have it again. *look past my shoulder and you’ll see interesting souvenirs”

#6 Absolutely one of my tourist spot by far in Bali, Uluwatu. I think the view here are breathtaking.

#7 Uluwatu and spoiled, fat monkeys comes hand in hand.

#8 The monkeys are damn naughty and cheeky too! They’ll stalk and steal/snatch anything possible from you in exchange for a snack.

We witnessed a stubborn Japanese handphone been thrown around like a rag doll. Haha!

#9 Indulged in a little touristy activity. Kecak kecak kecak kecak dance. Watching the tradition against the cliff and the temple as a background. Couldn’t be better

#10 Our rooms at Febris’s for around RM200 with very yummy american breakfast. We purposely wake up to whack the breakfast and goes back to sleep…

#11 Mr Rai, Best guide in Bali. He speaks fluent English and German, very knowledgeable and friendly! Reasonably rates and he doesnt charge extra when we pass the 8hours mark. Since he’s a member of the photography club in bali, obviously he can bring you to the best spot to take photos and help take good photos for memories!  I remember the times when I’m in europe where friendly old gentlemen will offer to take “masterpiece/magnificent/perfecto” photos and turns out to be super blur =__=||

My friends and me strongly recommend him to anyone! You can book him at

The next 2 days in Bali are spend in Kuta filled with excitement on the streets and tales to be told for a long time..

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  1. Mr Huhu says:

    too many ozs in bali.

    Eve: eyecandies 🙂

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