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I actually received complain that I didn’t finish blogging about my Bangkok trip which happened in December.. -__- ok, sorry

My lodging this time was at one of the best hostel that I’ve stayed before – Lub’D Silom

It’s clean, staff are friendly, have one of the best shared bathroom. I will definitely recommend this place to anyone who is okay with hostel. But I reckon the Siam Square one will be much more convenient in terms of location wise.

One of their many entertaining guest book I went through

Siam Square – one of my favorite new spot in Bangkok now. We went there after dropping off our bags at the hostel. Here you will find loads of boutique in small lane. It’s really convenient to reach, you just get off the BTS at Siam Paragon station, and the whole area is directly opposite Siam Paragon.

Direction: BTS Siam Station – Siam Paragon , Siam Square , Siam Discovery Center and MBK Shopping Center

Madame Tussaud at Siam Discovery which is just next to Siam Paragon. We have been to Bangkok a couple of times but never did went. We purchase the ticket online the day before for early birds (entrance before 12pm) so it’s so much cheaper.

I do think I look really natural in this photo with Oprah. AHhahaha! Not sure why. So comparing the one in Bkk vs London, I feel London was nicer. Maybe because I was able to recognize the wax figure better compared to some Thai local

Asiatique – the new “it” place to go in Bangkok. Its a huge huge area with 9 warehouse that sells stuff by theme. Similar to JJ market but much more organize. The fact that its by the river makes it much nicer to stroll during the evening. open from 4pm to 12am

Bangkok Eye.

I recommend this place to everyone as they also have a theater where you can catch a show if you fancy. Or have drink facing the pier with soft winds and musics playing.

*click image for bigger view*

Direction: Take the BTS to Saphan Thaksin Station, exit 2  and take the free shuttle boat service at Sathorn Pier. Opens from 4pm to 12am. Easiest way to get there is by taxi. However, most taxi refuse to drop us there or haggled for at least 3000bht. The road to Asiatique is still 2 lane (to and fro) hence with the weekend crowd, usually its super congested.

Chatuchak Market – blog before here  Picture taken around dusk when I was leaving.. people were still flooding in.. -_-

Direction: take the skytrain to Mo Chit Station, exit 1

As it was Christmas time when I was there, they had a huge beer garden right in front of CentraWorld. Its QUITE a sight to see as they build really huge figurines and tents up in quite a magical way.

This “hut” or house is covered up with mirrors and is the most crowded one. If you didn’t know yet, Thai Girls people MAJOR LOVE TO CAMWHORE. Every corner you will catch a glimpse of someone or a group of people just taking photos of themselves.. even in astonishing poses.. hahahha….

So when in Rome, do as the Roman’s do …


I also must mentioned that all the girls are damn semangat (enthusiastic) with head gear. 99% of the people have something on their head. Even those roadside sweeper -__-


Of course they have a mega huge christmas tree in the center but a Christmas tree is a Christmas tree, you seen one, you have seen them all. But this is a huge rocking horse~ something you don’t see everyday, woo~~


Travel CNN had a good writeup about the beer garden. This is something I have not came across before actually. Basically they have few stage and area for different beers. Think Oktoberfest tent but replace pork knuckles with tomyam gong!

Then you just pay a cover charge to get into the tent with some beers and enjoy the performance

*click image for bigger view*


I learned that the entire gig ends at 12am sharp.. =__=  So just take note. This is an annual event that last until NYE.

It’s cute that the Thai are so enthusiastic in celebrating everything  and its not even a public holiday for them!

A really huge PINK UNICORN COMPLETE WITH A CHARIOTS ATTACHED  at a vodka party in front of Siam Paragon.


On Christmas Day, we explored the new mall Terminal 21. As you may have guessed, it’s airport theme base, with each level associated with a big city. The decoration and design of it accords to the city as well. example on Paris level, its more of high end local boutiques.

I really like this mall and we spend the entire day there. The most interesting thing about this mall is the effort they put in to do up the washroom!! As mentioned, each level washroom is done up soooo nicely and this is my favorite of them all – Tokyo !! Malaysia – when can you learn to be like our neighbors ? CLEAN WC!!


After dinner at Sabaijai, we proceed to Seenspace – think smaller Jaya One but BETTER!! for desserts are this awesome place called Mr Jones Orphanage. The deco is done up so uniquely, its like what you would have imagine straight out of an Enid Blyton’s book.

A tip: go upstairs – its done up like an attic for a child playroom, so practically have to be on your knees as the ceiling is so low~~ and the swinging teddies all around!

Mr. Jones’ Orphanage 
(G/F SeenSpace, 251/1 Thonglor Soi 13, Bangkok

We wrap up this super impromptu trip and Christmas with a pop ( or rather a few pops) of champagne at a nice place next door. Seenspace is really nice place and filled with mostly expats and locals. Not much tourist from what i can tell, except for myself -__-

Bangkok, I dont know if I’ll ever get bored of you… probably never!

The next time I will want to explore this place called Papaya Vintage. Writing it down now incase I forget

Post on Bangkok from previous trips

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