Baru Baru!

Update: I like this template better, but i dont know how to adjust the sidebar. so stupid!

Like the new look or not? Please tell me. Anyway, i feel the “white” is too overwhelming and it’s too spacey. So white, pure and looks so innocent. Even typing the word “shit” like will spoilt the pureness of the design(i think i just did) Hahahah I think i will change it very soon. I found a nice one which i like alot, but i do not know how to adjust a couple of things.

Experts out there care to lend a helping hand? *.*

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12 Responses to Baru Baru!

  1. joosing says:

    oi!! terkejutnya aku bila buka page anda!! erm…so calm n warm la…where did u get it… need to pay or free mia!!

  2. Eve says:

    yea i know. so not me huh? gonna change it soon. Got it free from some website

  3. Anonymous says:

    i think the flower is nice~~and ya…calm and soothing feeling~~
    i think if u fix the flower and a static position then it will be nicer~can u do that???hm…no need to change i guess..hehe…

  4. christalloh says:

    although im not a fan of pink, but i prefer your previous blog look. This look something i did for my first web page asgn le…. lol…. the b/g pic…. lol…. not that attractive…

    the flower… dunt really see it nice in this page lo…

    still prefer the hard pink look… reflects u more… this is juz so not u…. so dunt pretend… lol….

  5. cK says:

    whoa…cantik lo!

  6. Eve says:

    all: i change already. nice or not?

  7. Jason says:

    i prefer you previous template wor. Maybe it’s just me =)

  8. Eve says:

    jason: which previous one? the tulip flower or the pink one?

  9. angchoonseong says:

    i still think mine wan better..

    HAhahhaha..this one the duck very cute lar..i tot is website for wat kindergarten..

  10. Jason says:

    i like the pinky one…

  11. Jason says:


    It’s pink again! Cool!!!

  12. Eve says:

    jason, back by popular demand. seems like no one see eye to eye with me T_T

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