Big Blog Meet

First of all, I’ll like to apologize for just sitting there and not greeting everyone. I was eager to meet everyone but honestly, i was very shy around those i met the first time and feel quite akward la. Futhermore, I just finished a paper for my exam, so i actually did not sleep the night before, so i was very sleepy and blur at that time..hehe and i look like a mess, so not really in the mood of taking photos.

Nevertheless, it was a great time finally seeing those people that i normally see through monitor. Seeing so many people walking and mingling with each other, was kinda enough for me ady. hehe. Was so blur at that time, i was afraid i will mix up people name and blogs, and appearing as someone with speech deficiency, so the safest thing to do is to sit and watch ler…First blogger meet for me, so it was kinda nervous. Over there, almost everyone seems to know everyone.

I did spoke to some of the people there, like Boss Stewie’s business partner Ming, and Hsu Jen who was sitting at the same table. Anyway, as i said just now, was very lack of sleep, and no makeup on, so did not really take much photos. Most of the photos, i did not really check after taking it, turns out kinda dark la =( Sorry ah, the photos i took turns out to be very lousy

However, its all good because there’s plenty of cameras to go around, friendly bloggers running up to you and “eh, come come take photo” =) It was really nice though. Will go take those photos from their blog instead la..

And suddenly, it was like a press conference, because of all the huge gadgets those guys had. Flash going off everywhere. I suddenly feel my camera very pariah and should be kept at once. Hehehe..Seriously, the other people at the restaurants was like staring at us and people outside was standing near the glass window and staring in as well.

The group photo. Luckily someone from the staff took one shot with my camera out of the many many from the table. Will go leech the photos taken with the big big camera thou.

All in all, it was a huge success!! A record breaking meet as about 69 bloggers turn up. All thanks to the organizers, Yeehou and Jolene. Oooh, i also found out that, me and Jolene are of the same height, 169cm. hehe Thanks to you people for bringing together such a huge blogging community under the same roof at one time. I was happy that i get to meet those bloggers that i normally stalk like, Albert, PinkFrog and smashp0p just to name a few.Hohoh..Yes, i read alot of blogs but i seldom leave comments because i shy mar -__ –

If there’s any meet, I hope i can attend again, and THEN, i promise i will make myself talk to more people.

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10 Responses to Big Blog Meet

  1. Wingz says:

    wuah nice party!!!

  2. yumcha king says:

    datz cool
    I am meeting Jason pop soon and other bloggers…
    hope u will join us
    my first blog yum cha session actually 😛

  3. Jason says:

    Craps! The biggest blog meet and I had to skip it. Darn! And I didn’t get to meet you. Although you don’t read my blog.

  4. Eve says:

    wingz, how come u not there geh??

    yumcha king, wah living it up to ur name. yumcha session would be fun..hehe

    jason: whats ur blog? I’ve seen ur display photo plenty of time before la..

  5. frostier says:

    I wish I was there *sulks*

  6. Dr.M says:

    wingz was thereeeeeeee……. i saw youuuuuuuuuu…………

  7. jen says:

    eh.. i dint c u geh!!!!!

  8. CY says:

    It’s a mystery why some gals look good even w/o makeup.

  9. Eve says:

    frostier: i bet there will be plenty more meets, dont worry 🙂

    dr.m: yalo, i just knew that wingz was there, but dono which one

    jen: im sit at the corner, very quiet ma…

    cy: Those are natural beauty but i need makeups to make me look good 😛

  10. Wingz says:

    noo!!! i wasnt there!!! u dint see me!!! thats not me u saw!!! 😛

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