Blissful Day~!

Nah! That’s my camcam. Exact same colour too. From today onwards, it will be incharge of the photos from this blog. If the photos not nice, dont blame me. Blame camcam. It is powered by a super duper 1 GB memory card that can take up to 600+ photos. Can take till fingers and arm patah. Can camwhore till puke. Muahahhaha!! I’m great~!!!

I spend all my salaries working in the freezer for 2 whole month for camcam.Donation are accepted in the forms of cash, cheque, online transfer or shopping spree starting from today!!( any currency also can, USD, Pound or Euro) Terima KASIH banyak banyak!!

Because now im also super duper broke!


Exam is over! No more dreadful nights. No more migraine. No more splitting headaches. No more seeing docs. Tonight Mr. 628 and Jenny will bring me out for fun in KL. Where can we go?? Suggestions??

I can see it… i can feel it…. It’s gonna be a wonderous week and week(2weeks till my sem starts again =.=”) ahead!! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Soon all friends and foe(sometimes u HATE that person but haih, have to be nice nice too) will be reunited once again. All uni’s having holiday at the same time. whahaha. great-ness! But not all of the buddies are here*pouts pouts*

Ps: I’m sorry if you find the colour shocking. I dono whats wrong and I dono how to adjust it. I’m too lazy to retype. Yea, im lazy and abit stupid. haha ..take it as the excitement then.

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3 Responses to Blissful Day~!

  1. christalloh says:

    pictures pixeled le… & also distorted… 1st rule to picture editing & u’ve already violated it…

    huahahaha….. teach u some editing tips when im over @ ur places later le…

  2. j a s o n y o n g says:

    IM COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Eve says:

    christal: what you tought me that nite/morning, i forgot d. too sleepy. haha

    jason: FASTER get ur cute ass back here. hahahaa

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