Bloody day..

In spite of my effort in improving the appearance of my blog, I had done nothing but destroy the only beauty it had left.

Somehow, the widget with the word “ADD” doesnt seems to work anymore, so you see, i have weird looking Archives and LINKS that are no where to be seen because I can’t add them.

Professor Shi, are you reading this? would you be able to rectify the problem 🙁

Anyway, today there’s a blood donation drive at workplace. My cute colleagues are all up for it, while I mumble saying “It’s a scam! We donate our blood, and they sell it to needy patients!”

Well, who can resist a twiggies, a little red book and some official time-off work..hahahahah Like 30minutes of lying down during working hours..


The big hole on my arm now.. They use shitty plaster. You know the types that just won’t come off after a swim in tsunami? Yea..


Tested out I’m AB (positive) type which I already know “duh!” But the guy nurse told me I’m one of the 5% of the whole population that have this blood type. Yay! Selfish blood group! 😎

MrSmallFace say this photo of me doesn’t look like me much. THAT’S WHY HE SAID ITS NICE! :angry:


So the normal photo I took that look like me is not nice la..bloody hell..

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2 Responses to Bloody day..

  1. MY says:

    aha… i asked your sidebar to behave properly and he said OK!

  2. wanster says:

    u look pale like a pail…

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