Blue Reef @ Casa Permai part II

My 2nd visit to this place and it’s pack to the brim. Again, not advertorial. This is my opinion.

This time, I brought my mom, cousinTing and brotherpoh there for dinner. They have already expand their menu from my previous visit. The fish burger that MrSmallFace love is gone from the menu but replaced with a new Salmon Burger.


While waiting, CousinTing decides to unleash the artist in her…FYI, they have drawing did by their customer plastered on one side of the wall. It’s quite creative.  One improvement that I notice is that, their air ventilation had improved tremendously. No frying smells…


We started off the meal with a chicken soup and fresh garden salad with special passion fruit dressing (chef recommendation)


I’ll say the salad is really fresh. Mom really like it. She’s like 90% vegetarian, like crazy for vegetables. So if she approves, I guess it’s good for everyone.  Ting say they use olive oil and my comment is it smells really nice and taste sweet..ehhe


CousinTing’s Fish and Chips. Thick piece of fish and decent layer of batter. Unlike some places, you’ll only be eating the fried batter.


I love and still love how they provide malt vinegar and plenty of tartar sauce. BrotherPoh had the same as Ting. He did not complaint to be hungry after the meaning is good enough to know the portion is still huge!

If you are not a fan for all fried stuff, you can request to have your chips switch with mash sweet potatoes.

Mom’s steam fish in sweet & sour sauce with bak choy. It’s REALLY good!! On the way home,  mom was saying ” I am now craving for it already” . It’s that good. Fresh fish in generous portion and appetizing sauce with hot steamy rice..wou…


I tried the new Chicken Miso. Very tender and smells really great. A good option if not a fan of fish.


They are even on Facebook now.



Location: Permai 32, No.22 Lebuh Lembah Permai 4, Penang, Malaysia, 11200
Phone: 04 – 8999 128
Tues – Sun: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm, 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm
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  1. Jaso Wong says:

    We just went there yesterday for a follow-up cause we heard some bad comments. It was not bad, but the olio was not the same anymore.

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