Bombastic Bangkok

Wee! Finally executed the plan of holidaying oversea with friends. Yang bertolak dari Penang lah. The frequency of me dropping my passport on the floor or dropping my luggage with a loud *thud* was so high, friends suspect my ability of traveling Great Britain myself.


Once checked in, we rushed out in search of food. Should we have this?


or this, Samurai pork Burger with cheesy fries with ice cold latte that give Starbucks a run for it’s money ~!

mc pork

but we choose to have nice vermicelli noodles by the roadside, with extremely spicy economy rice, so spicy it made the MEN of the trip cry; and aunties that lives up the friendly reputations of Thais.

Poor fat dogs that ppl used a marker pen to “conteng-menconteng”…


The typical thing to do after a long day in Thailand… Thai MASSCHATTT~!!


After the massage, we went for a perfect thai dinner. To dine in the same place as the Thai Princess and ex Japanese Prime Minister, Koizumi… well worth the wait. Coincidently, the place ( Somboon) is no more than 10minutes walk away from our hotel. How wonderful can it get  :love:

You’ll notice a lot of Japanese dining there as well. We had very nice eggy crab, omelet oysters, Siam Style steam fish, NICE mango sticky rice, “tang hoon” with crab claw and obviously tomyum kung!

After dinner we felt like just passing out on our beds, but the ever enthusiastic tour guide, Nidnoi already have plans for us. “Get ready!! ” She asked kinda reluctantly, we got dressed.

Took a cab to THE PLACE.

and never look back.

It’s seriously one of the best clubbing places to be. The name to remember when you are in BKK –


We did not took much photos, because we left the cameras back in the room thinking it will be short trip. We have no intention to leave that place at all after standing in awe before the clubssss… @_@

So best we wanted to go there again the next day and the day after… so best I did not feel like clubbing in Penang nor KL for months… -.-|

I must finish blogging about Bangkok!
I must finish blogging about Bangkok!
I must finish blogging about Bangkok!

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3 Responses to Bombastic Bangkok

  1. UncleJosh says:

    waiting for your next update

  2. wanster says:

    wah the makanan… i miss BKK!!! and RCA too!!!

  3. d e s says:

    you can never finish blogging about bangkok… ur trip is short but i think u gona take a lot of blog entries to completely document it all up…

    i am still waiting to read…at least i dun feel so bad missing from the trip LOL

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