I’ve recently finished up Kite Runner and it’s really good.

That really boost my reading habit that had became non-existence for sometime.

Last Sunday, I got myself 2 brand new books.

1. Tuesday with Morrie – heard so much about it. Read “5 persons you met in heaven before and it’s beautiful. Started a few chapters last night and it’s very touching… I bet I will cry by the end of the book swt

2. A thousand splendid suns – same author with Kite Runner. This genre is very different some stuff I will usually read like Amy Tan or Shopaholic series..


Already can foresee that I’ll be reading more and more books in the future hehe 🙂

Ps: TingTing, you can have the books when you come back from Sabah next ya!

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3 Responses to Bookworm

  1. wendy says:

    i’ve been thinking of buying kite runner for sometime now..
    guess i should get it now since all the comments i heard are really good..:)

    Eve: u finished your vampire series ? hehehe

  2. wendy says:

    haha not yet actually..just half-way through new moon and i stopped..
    been reading lotsa chick lit though..
    but dont have time to read recently..haiiii..

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