Boxing Day

Boxing Day is not the day you spend boxing each other or have any boxing matchs on. It is the day after Christmas Day. It also means it’s a public holiday here and there’s a special EPL match and some hunting activities on as well.

However, in the lands of guailow’s it also bears another very significant meaning. It’s the day for mother of all sales. People go crazy on this day when items prices are slashed up to 70%. People will fight over each other for that last designer handbag. and shivering in the cold winter from 5am just to be the first to get their hands on the cheap cheap stuff.. I saw on the news that some girls lose their shoes when running towards the bag they were eyeing. So they just buy another pair of shoes!

Kiasu-ism doesn’t only exist in Singapore! It’s proven ady. It’s everywhere!!!!

So what will you expect from a seasonal shopoholic like me?

I spent my day sleeping well into late afternoon. Hahahahaha… such a waste of a bargain day. Waking up later than expected, me and charlotte only had a salmon sandwich before getting ready for the party at night. Taiwan and HongKong girls are really good at beautifying themselves. Seriously. Spending more than 1 hour infront of mirrors.There are no ugly girls. Only lazy ones. yup yup…

When we get to WaiKit’s place, we are already 2 hours late. hehe. The party start late too because we have to wait for the food. Everyone was suppose to make something. We have “wun chai chi”/fake sharkfin, some Fujien springroll, pastas, CurryPorkchop, sushi, pizza and charsiewpau. Talk about international spread.

The crowd that night! Hongkies dominate it, with a sprinkle of chinese, a dose of taiwanese, one bbc and 1 malaysian.

I initially plan to post alot of funny photos from the party but i feel bad posting it. It will be laughing on other’s expenses. Adding to their drunkard embarrassment. hehe

Quote of the night:

Avoid Hangovers.
Stay Drunk!!!!!1111

This is what happen when very bored individuals group together. We play very hard to make up for the time we loses!!!

After eating, the place turned into a temporary casino like. With all the dices shaking in the cups and people “chai mui”. It’s something really new to me. At this moment, i am proud to be a malaysian because i am the only in the room that can communicate with everyone else. Be it, english, mandarin, cantonese or even hokkien! Taiwan girls tried to cheat speakking hokkien and was so surpirse when i shout ” Eh, wa eh hiau tieahhh!!” (Eh, i understand)

their expression >>>>

Some of the beverages.

I counted….. we drank 2 dozen of beers, 2 chivas, 2 JD, 3 bottle of wine and 1 xo.

My new friend. Charlotte. Thanks to her, i had a wonderful christmas and new year 🙂

The fake wangleehom…hahahhaha

Wuyang. Beijing Mui…She’s only 20yrs old…so babyfaceeeeeee

Random shots. Where they start to show some love to everyone…


It was such a nice way to celebrate anything. In a house with a bunch of fun people.

It’s certainly a change from how it has been for me in the past year. No spray war which i absolutely hate with all my heart. What’s the point of dressing up and get stupid tukaus spraying fake, smelly, sticky snow at you? No pervert stranger thrusting their hips towards me in a lewd manner. No traffic jam. No reservation needed for dinner.

Just a group of friends, chilling out…

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6 Responses to Boxing Day

  1. angchoonseong says:

    better than edinburgh. We the taubacs abstained alcohol and same sex kissing.

    Hehehe..i see u enjoy urself there.

  2. pp says:

    haha..was about to say that…
    manatau u say already..

    glad u enjoyed urself sure very sien boxing day we not even in uk..haha

  3. Eve says:

    acs: abstained fr alcohol and same sex kissing but practice many other things

    pp: say wat? hogmanay mahh

  4. mrbherng says:

    How did you meet such a oriental mixed of people in a place where you said is that freaking small??? Amazing.

  5. Eve says:

    mrbherng: when there’s a will, there’s a way 🙂

  6. CY says:

    Now I understand how you get (and maintain) your rosy cheeks 😛

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