Brokeback Mountain

I know I’m eons behind for this movie, but i just finished watching this movie yesterday. I thought i would be grossed out by the gayish antic, but i was not. I mean, abit la. cos i can’t take the fact that 2 hunkly guy making out so passionately. “SUCH A WASTE” was the first thing that come through my mind.

I still feel that heath ledger could have been straight if not being “seduced” by jake in the movie. But holding on to a fragile and dangerous relationship for 20 years is really something. Heath and Jake really deserve some award for totally immersing themselves in the role. such bravery to tounge kiss another man on screen. But then again, they are handsomely paid for it =.=”

Why isn’t most people grossed out when 2 girls kissed? Remember the kiss from Cruel intention? that was something also.

I totally do not expect the ending of the movie at all. It’s so discriminating you know. It’s so sad yet it’s true cos it’s happening in the real world right now. There’s people who died for being who they are. It brings a new light upon this gay issue. This guy was beaten and left to die for just being gay.

Anyway, this is just another blog entry to fill my time while waiting for my mom to go to dah saloon.

If you just wanna had a good time and laugh your heads off, go watch She’s the Man. Alot of eye candy in it. Thinking of the movie makes me droool…Seriously, very yummy looking guy in it. Just another chick flick with cheesy lines.

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5 Responses to Brokeback Mountain

  1. angchoonseong says:

    u watched alonekah? ahahha..we watched in a room of 4 guys with curtain closed…

    but sampai part the bagi-belakang wan suddenly everyone got to attend some ‘just-remembered’ things…hahhaha

    lemma…geli lo…hansome memang hansome lar…but then…

    hahah..good movie!

  2. Eve says:

    acs: yea, i watch it alone. 4 guys watchin a gay show behind closed door. DaMn wrong ok…

  3. angchoonseong says:

    ler…here got a lot of gay bar oso… go there see leng chai is one of the weekly activities of gurls here…

    according to them..these are the only guys dat are attractive but not dangerous…

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  5. Eve says:


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