Bustling Week

Herro, I’m back in KL again. I shall resume my blogging Whole week back in Penang during the end of my final semester. That’s to answer lots of people. No, i’m not having my holiday and i’m not going anywhere for vacation.

Can I say that my new year eve was saddening? I notice that this year alot of people i know choose to stay home, or rather had no choice but stay home like AuntieMuiMwah that stay home to watch dvd and was asleep when i call her during the middle of the night. I don’t have a choice but dutifully carry out the task of being transport minister together with my dear brother for my sister wedding while the gang party the night away in glo and Mr.Butt’s car cos they were caught in the jam. hehehehe. According to AngChoonSeong, the countdown celebrations in Edinburgh, Glasglow and Newcastle was also cancel due to bad weather. can be mary poppins if you go out of the house.

At the stroke of midnight, i was in the car with my brother, my cousin and the “sang keh emm” listening to the song Memories. How appropriate.

Memory, all alone in the moonlight

I can dream of the old days

Life was beautiful then

I remember the time I knew what happiness was

Let the memory live again


I must wait for the sunrise

I must think of a new life

Tonight will be a memory too

And a new day will begin

Burnt out ends of smoky days

Another day is dawning

Look, a new day has begun...

During that point of time, honestly i was boiling with anger and frustration. Many things ran through my head, if i had a notebook in hand, i would have blog bout it. Rant bout it. Let the frustration out. I could have curse like gila babi. Ask LowSpeng. Dia very unlucky because she called me at the wrong time so i burst my frustration to her. Sorry babe!! But i did not even online after i got home, because it’s something new to me. Seeing the process of getting married. My sister getting married. I learned. I learned that i would not go through all the trouble and just go honeymoon somewhere if i get married. HAHA.. Too much hassle. Too much rules to follow. Not me.

Probably the most indifferent new year eve i’ll ever have. Normally i’ll go wild with friends after counting down, this year i witnessed my sister paying respect to our ancestors and “ti kong” in pajamas and red heels.

After i drop the “sang keh emm” back, i meet up with the fellas for a quick mamak session before going home as i expected a looong day ahead, since it’s the wedding!

More on the wedding soon, when i can get more photos. Sadly, my sd card got corrupted after the tea ceremony so all photos on the wedding eve and tea ceremony is gone. T__________T

Although you guys probably wont see this cos you are having honeymoon right now, i still wishes all the best to you guys. Go stay at your new place, so that i can have the room to myself when i go back penang. muahahhahaha…

For now, Congratulations to the newly wed!!!!

ps: Sang Keh Emm – The lady that runs the wedding, who knows all the steps and traditional, how many glutinuous rice to pray, what candle to use, what money to burn, which direction to pray and such things. A lady that can rap better than Eninem on any given day. seriously. She kepts addressing all the Taoist god, like KuanYin and Ti Kong like they are there with us and kept smilling. I actually find it creepym it’s like inviting ghost to my house. Dont la…Nah let you see the face of the traditional rapper. Like the “cat money” you know? the chiu choy mau..hahahahahahahah…everyone there was clapping for her, cos of the rapping. Yoyoyo… and ya..behind her is our “fanpan” dvd collection. There’s more actually, hahahhhaahah…

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2 Responses to Bustling Week

  1. angchoonseong says:

    do u really need to shout out my whole name……hheheheh

  2. Benjamin says:

    oooooh so the stranger is the mrs. lady rapper. i thought who. 😀

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