Bye AhMa

Today my last grandparent left us. She drew her last breathe at approximately 10Am and i’ve been really busy since to help prepare her journey to her next life.

Although she is now gone, but i am really glad that she has lead a really good life and gone in a very peaceful way. and because i have so many relatives, the funeral places is like a party for us.

Eat, drink, telling lame jokes and playing mahjong. I think this would also what she wants. Her next of kins to be happy.

Goodbye Ahma. Although i am not close to you and you already repeat whatever you say like a broken tape recorder, i will still miss you. Now you can go back to EngHock 🙂

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One Response to Bye AhMa

  1. Sewjin says:

    so sorry to hear that. my condolences~

    wa got play mahjong some more. we only had a deck of cards at my ah ma’s funeral 😀

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