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I closed my 2016 post with “2017 will be another challenging year”. Indeed it was. I do not even know where to start. Eventful, emotional, tearful, exhilarating, unexpected, life changing. Most of the time feeling like this. Struggling. with. everything.

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There’s always good and bad in a year. During this year, we will all feel that time flies. However, I think I was living in a fast fast forward mode in the second half of the year especially. I’m still … Continue reading

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Kyoto – Day 1 

Ohaiyo! Suddenly found myself back in the land of the rising sun. Will record all the food I had here as it’s so yummy! Ichiran ramen! First time we had it, it was at Hong Kong and while walking back … Continue reading

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Tokyo – Final post

Final post on Tokyo! Finally I did it! Woohoo!! #1. How can one goes to Japan and leave without some purikura action? It’s a crime especially for girls! Look at how our complexion magically become super smooth and our eyes … Continue reading

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Tokyo – Asakusa among others

My Tokyo trip post is looong overdue so I’ m trying to wrap it up in 1 post or maybe 2 now after I browse through my photo albums. So much to share as I was there for almost a … Continue reading

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