Chap Goh Meh

Today marks the final day and the end of the chinese lunar new year (no more angpow). As the chinese community in penang are mostly Hokkiens, so it is celebrated as well. Tonight, we’ll hear the last of firecrackers and fireworks till next year. Anyway, whatever festival there is, penangites will still beria-ia to celebrate it.

The tradition for tonight is that all the single maiden will go out to meet single guys. They will throw mandarin oranges into a lake/sea/pond with their names and maybe numbers and the guys will picks them up. “thim kam chui ho ang” = throwing oranges will get you a good husband. Rubbish i say. This is just a marketing gimmick from the olden days. Those leftover mandarin oranges that couldnt be sold during chinese new year will get sold today. As people, WILL buy them to just throw them. As for now, what goodlooking, eligible, single , young man will wait in a sampan to have rotten oranges to be thrown at them. If there is, will someone pls inform me?? I will go arm with crates of GOOD mandarin oranges and bombard them until they notice my existence. *beaming*

Today is also the Chinese Valentine’s Day. 2 more days and it will be the Western Valentine’s Day. Doesn’t make any different whether its chinese, western, indian, bangla, or italian to me. It’s all the same thing. The day for lovey dovey couple to profess their undying love to one and another. ARGHHHHH~!!! and i will be sitting at home, most probably channel surfing my astro or online. Yes, im pathetic.

Maybe I’ll get some single friends out to dance and drink the night away.Hmmm, sounds good to me. Had been doing that twice already. Last year was very holy. I went Kek Lok Si with a bunch of my friends to see the lights. What will it be this year?? I’m sure i wont receive any chocolates, flowers, gifts or watsoever…*sniff sniff*

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2 Responses to Chap Goh Meh

  1. angchoonseong says:


    hahaha..kesian…go find owplar…hehehe

  2. Eve says:

    owp also got wifey…everyone got one wants poor bear

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