Chef & Brews + Gubra

Gubra is damn nice!! Go watch even if you did not watch Sepet. For once, support local movies peeps! It makes me really wanna salute Yasmin Ahmad for being such a daring film maker in this country. Memorable scene: An ustaz went up to a stray dog, stroking it’s head and talking gently to it. You see, if your religion is islam, you CAN touch dog, just not the wet part i.e. nose and mouth. So next time, you must sayang my dog when you see her, must sayang even if you are not islam *-*

Well, if you watch sepet before you have to wait till the credit roll finish, then you’ll get a snippet for sepet. However, after watching that snippet, it makes me more confuse @_@

I got my uncle to fetch me from USM and then he wanted to eat steak. So YAY! for me. We headed to Crystal Point area as i thought they have a nice place that serve nice steak. The surrounding of Chef&brews are not bad, very spacious and all. Food prices ranging from 9.90-30+

We were serve with bread even before our drinks. Hmmph..The breads is not toasted real well also.
My uncle had Hainanese NZ something lamb chop/steak. Does hainanses make good steak? The lamb was tough to chew on. Not very friendly to older people with gum problems. Portion was alright but you wouldn’t alot quantity over quality do yah?

This is my aunt’s Black Pepper chicken. This is nice. I like. but too spicy for my liking…

And this is moi’s Grilled Fish Fillet. 3 fillets altogether. Nice but the salad is not fresh. The ordered lemonade for my drink but it’s just sprite/7-up with a slice of lemon dump into the glass. Huh! And they dare to charge twice the price of a soft drink.

Conclusion? I think i wont go back unless i’m treated. For the bill we footed, i’ll choose chillis or even Dome any day.

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4 Responses to Chef & Brews + Gubra

  1. Arth says:

    Not all expensive restaurants serve good food.Especially when it comes to western cuisines…
    Thank goodness my family’s cafe does….

  2. Eve says:

    I know but i heard good reviews bout this rest before. Maybe they haven’t taste better food? hehe..Maybe i can visit ur family’s cafe if i visit miri lolz

  3. summerbear says:

    hey siau char boh…u really can eat all those things after dinner from kenny rogers????

  4. Eve says:

    i canot finish mine la.Waste money hor. but it’s ok la, my aunt help me finish it. hehe

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